MyTracks – View and share your paths on this app

The MyTracks mobile application is designed for the Android platform. It is an open source GPS (Global Positioning System) app that provides tracking capabilities. This is the type of app which makes the mobile market so interesting and exciting in recent months as they are very useful and practical in many ways and can would just change the way we use computers like Google Glasses.

The MyTracks app basically takes the GPS data from your smartphone and collects the data pertaining to the path, speed, distance and elevation information that you can use either immediately or for future planning. How it works is that it will use these data and then integrate them with Google Maps, Google Docs and Google Fusion Tables which can be shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter and surely Google+.

The main features of MyTracks are as follow:

Recording of path and other data

– Through MyTracks, you can now view real-time data and record any annotations along the path. This makes it very useful if you are walking, cycling or doing any other outdoor activities. Along the way, you can hear any periodic voice announcements on how you are progressing.

Share Your Data

– You can then store your tracks on most Google online services like Maps and Docs which can be exported to an external media. Another option is to share them through social media.

Works with third party devices

– while it uses the GPS sensor to record the geographic and velocity stats, you can use MyTracks with other third-party biometric sensors like the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth heart rate monitor and the Polar WearLink Bluetooth heart rate monitor, among others.

This app has been developed for a few years now and is still under constant upgrade and enhancements. Among areas that need to be improved include the interface, the functionality and additional features that can make it more user-friendly and provides better effectiveness.


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