How much sex is bad for you?

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When it comes to sex, it does not mean that more is good.

Despite the easy accessibility of information regarding sex and such, this topic continues to be quite a taboo for most people, especially in Asian countries like Malaysia. But it remains as one which must be discussed at some point.

So, how much sex should you be having to be regarded as normal? The rule of thumb really is not on quantity because there is actually no cap to how many times is normal.

According to sex therapists, it should be a consistent flow in terms of frequency but not having sex too ‘often’ MUST not lead to ‘NEVER’ having sex. So, as it is with any other practices, you should be having sex in moderation.

Statistics have shown that an average gets about 11 erections per day but that is surely not the correct number to have sex because it does not mean that an erection must lead to sex all the time.

It has been found too that almost 50% of men orgasm within 2 minutes. That is in every way too quick for most women and when that happens, it means that there should be a ‘second round’ so that the woman feels satisfied.

This is because a woman will need about 5 to 7 minutes to reach orgasm. As such, the average couple should plan their sessions and have sex 2 to 3 times per week.

In Malaysia however, the frequency of sex could well be higher as it was found in a recent survey that 33% of Malaysian men has admitted that they were unfaithful to their partners while the numbers among women were more startling where 39% of them admitted to have cheated on their partners where they came in third after Thailand and South Korea.


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