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Base Level: 80
Items: 30 Live Coal, 50 Glacial Heart

Base Experience: 2,000,000
Access to fight Injured Satan Morroc (moc_fild22)

1. Speak with any Continental Guard and he will ask for your help. They are located in the following places: Prontera (164,304), Geffen (128,90), Payon (200,113), Alberta (128,64), Aldebaran (135,129).

2. In Morroc, Talk to the Continental Guard Official (176, 103), state that you want to volunteer. He will send you to Chief Balrog.

3. Look for Chief Balrog in Morroc(159, 113). Tell him that you want to join the Continental Guard. he will keep telling you no, but you must persist. Eventually, he will ask you to bring him 30 Live Coal followed by 50 Glacial Hearts. Once you harrassed him long enough and give him the items, you recieve a Continental Guard Paper.

4. Proceed to moc_fild20 through Morocc east exit.

5. Look for the Continental Guard(moc_fild20 38, 174). Choose “Enter the field to investigate”.
*You must be in a party of 2 or more people. They do not have to be with you and are not warped with you.

6. Head for the big hole in the middle and check on the “Group Of Evil” (around moc_fild21 177 239).

7. Satan Morocc will appear. Defeat Satan Morocc now.

8. The “Group of Evil” changes once Satan Morocc is defeated. *Each party member must click on it to receive “Piece of Morocc Skin” X1.

9. Return to Chief Balrog to exchange the skin for an item.

10. The party can now enter moc_fild22 to pursue Wounded Morocc.

What is iPoint Member?

A: iPoint member is your personal ID for this website. By using the iPoint membership, you will be able to use all the service provided to the member of Game Flier. With the iPoint Member ID, you will be able to apply for IDs of multiple different games, reload and allocated the iPoints through the reload system as well as manage your multiple game accounts at the same time. Please take note that only an iPoint member can use the member reload system of this website to perform game reload. In order to protect your rights, please sign up as soon as possible to enjoy the privilege and service of an iPoint Member.

What is Game ID Member ?

A: Game ID member refers to the ID and password that you possess in certain game. By applying the game ID for one of the online games published by Game Flier, you will be able to use the Game ID and password to login to the game.



  1. 年RMSC大賽為7人對戰比賽,每支參賽隊伍必須由7人 (含隊長) 組成進行報名。
  2. 參賽隊伍的隊長負責提交報名所需的資料。若資料不符合將導致整隻隊伍被取消參賽資格。
  3. 每個玩家只能加入一支隊伍。若發現玩家重複加入,該隊將被取消參賽資格。
  4. 報名參賽後不一定入選。所有報名參賽的隊伍需要通過審核且不符合資格者將被取消。若符合入選資格的報名隊伍超過預定的數量,越早報名且符合資格者將優先入選。最終入選的隊伍與比賽賽程將另行公佈在官網。
  5. 連線到比賽伺服器所有是用的帳號與密碼將發送給隊長的電郵信箱。請各入選的隊伍多檢查您所提供的電郵信箱。
  6. 任何參賽隊伍進入八強複賽,必須出席8月25日在指定地點(巴生河流域區域;吉隆波、雪蘭莪州)進行的現場比賽。相關費用由參賽者自行負責。
  7. 參賽隊伍的隊長必須出席八強複賽,否則整支隊伍將被取消參賽資格。
  8. 除了不可預及的因素(例如天災人禍等),每支隊伍的任何隊員不可替換。 \
  9. 在RMSC 錦標賽獲得冠軍的隊伍必須代表馬來西亞與新加坡區域出席於11月在韓國首爾進行的RWC大賽。任何不足合法年齡的參賽者必須事先獲得家長或監護人的同意。
  10. 官方將在RWC大賽前安排練習比賽,所有的代表人員必須出席相關的練習比賽。
  11. 任何違規的行為將導致整隻參賽隊伍被取消資格,請大家僅慎挑選隊員。
  12. 若有任何重要事項,官方將優先聯絡參賽隊伍的隊長。
  13. 若有任何無法預計的因素發生,遊戲新幹線(馬)有限公司保有修改,延遲或取消活動的權利。



1. RMSC Tournament is the tournament for 7 vs 7, each team must compose of 7 members (included team leader) for registration.
2. The team leader is responsible to provide the required information to register for whole team. Any invalid information will lead the whole team to be disqualified.
3. Each player is only eligible to participate and register for ONE team. The whole team will be disqualified if repeated participant is found.
4. The registration submitted does not guarantee your team is qualifying for tournament. Each submission will be verified and any invalid entry will be disqualified. The earlier submission with valid entry will have priority to qualify. The final qualified team and schedule will be announced in the Official Website.
5. The account and password to login the Match Server will be sent to the Team Leader through the email. All Team Leaders must check the email provided frequently.
6. Upon the team is qualify to quarterfinal, your must attend to the tournament held at specified venue based in Selangor/Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The participant will need to responsible the related expenses themselves.
7. If the team leader failed to attend the quarterfinal tournament at the specified venue, the whole team will be considered withdraw from the tournament.
8. The member of the whole team must attend the quarterfinal tournament. The member cannot be replaced except the circumstances of unavoidable factors such as natural disasters.
9. The champion team must represent the Malaysia & Singapore to attend the RWC at Seoul, Korea. Any team member below the legal ages must obtain the approval from legal guardians in prior.
10. The champion team has obligation to attend the training session arranged before RWC.
11. If any violation is found, the whole team will be disqualified. Please choose your team member carefully.
12. Any important matter related to the RWC Tournament, we will contact to the team leader.
13. They reserves the right to postpone or cancel this event if any unavoidable factors occur.

In order to protect your rights as a user (also includes JX2 Online player, member or account owner), please read through the Agreement below.
b. If you had register as a JX2 Online member, use the JX2 Online Official Website (http://jx2.gameflier.com.my/ ), use the JX2 Online software or use any services provided by the game play, this mean that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated below as declared by Game Flier (M) Sdn. Bhd (herein after known as Game Flier).
c. Apart from that user, must also fully understand the “Rules and Regulations of JX2”, “Copyright”. Users must not violate this Agreement, under intentional or unintentional circumstances, or use it as argument when violating the terms and condition.
d. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please stop using our services immediately.

Registration of JX2 Online Account

To register as JX2 Online member (to create a new JX2 Online member account), user must fill in all required fields with up-to-date and accurate information during registration. Should the information provided are inaccurate or found to be used by other users, we reserve the rights to suspend or terminate the user membership and other privileges. In addition, user should update their account information from time to time.
b. Game Flier shall not be liable for any losses occurred due to incomplete or inaccurate information. The user shall bear the full responsibility. In cases where a problem occurs to the account, user may be asked to provide related proof of identification. Our system will check if the same account or ID has existed when users register their details. If the ID has existed then the user has to provide an ID with a different combination for identification purpose.
c. IDs must not contain improper and official names as stated in clause 8. Naming Regulations. Game Flier reserves the right to terminate such account with prior notice.
d. To avoid your account being accessed without your authority, please take note of the precaution as stated below:
1. Avoid setting ID and password which can be too easily identified.
2. Avoid using the same combination of characters for both ID and password.
3. Please keep the ID and password safely. Do not reveal to others.
4. Do not share the user account with multiple people.
5. Log off before leaving the cyber cafe or public places to avoid people stealing or duplicating the ID and password.
6. Do not install illegal or unidentified software which may compromise the ID and password.

User Information Confidentiality

Game Flier will not sell, exchange, rent or expose user’s personal details such as name, address, contact number, e-mail and others, without the user’s permission. The users authorize Game Flier to use the user’s personal detail in respect to the Privacy Law of this country.
b. However, the user agrees that our company reserves the right to use the personal information to provide other related services to the user and also to perform statistic calculations. If the statistic calculations do not expose user’s individual identity, the user also agrees and allows our company to reveal the results of the statistic calculations.
c. In addition, user would agree that we would reveal the personal information under these special conditions:
1. Request from the Government or relevant authorities including the Police
2. To protect the rights and properties of Game Flier
3. During emergency to protect the safety of the public

System Limitations

All items, equipment, characters, game saves and other relevant electronic record in the JX2 Online Server(s) are considered as the properties of Game Flier. If there are situations whereby there are congestion of the servers’ network and failure in the processing of electronic data, the user agrees that our company would restart the servers, which restores the game to the point before the overload occurred.
b. During hardware maintenance or changes, the user agrees to allow us to relocate the account and relevant game files, and the user agrees to co-operate with Game Flier and make the appropriate adjustments.
c. Should our online services become unavailable, it is due to one or more of the following reasons:
1. Regular maintenance, emergency maintenance, software or hardware upgrades, which leads to suspension of services (including game server and or official website). We will try our best to complete the tasks and resume our services as soon as possible.
2. Any kind of damages inflicted to our servers or sudden hardware malfunction, rendering our servers incapable of normal operation.
3. Network congestion or any factors which causes the players to have a problem to connect to our servers or lag situations.
4. To ensure National safety or personal safety of user and the public under emergency situations.
5. Unavoidable factors such as natural disasters and act of God.
d. Game Flier will not guarantee that the service provided will always be stable, flawless or always available. User must understand that it is the user’s choice or willingness to use the service even though the user might face the risk of losses. Our company is not liable for any service interruption, delay, mistakes, disconnections, lags, roll back of game data, erroneous transfer of data or any game progress anomalies caused by incompetence of the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Game Flier is also not liable for any claims of compensation for losses caused by any natural disasters, non-human factors, events that are beyond our control or losses caused by act of God (whatever reasons that cannot be avoided or be prevented from happening).
e. If any individual who tries to attack or hack into the JX2 servers (including the official website and any related servers), our company reserves the rights to block the individual’s IP address. Our company also reserves the right to take legal action should any individual tamper with the JX2 Online client program.

Service Limitations

Game Flier will not be liable or compensate if user suffered losses due to account being exploited, misused or accessed without authority by other people either due to improper handling or carelessness on the user’s part. Our company also will not be liable nor do we compensate for information leakage or damages on the user’s own computer caused by hackers.
b. Our company does not provide the service of altering the user’s ID, character name, nick name, school type (clan), party name, guild name, character’s stats, character’s skills, reputation, character’s status, character’s outlook, character’s gender or any game data decided by Game Flier, regardless of the reasons given by the user.
c. Game Flier does not guarantee that JX2 Online is free of game BUG or program error, and will not be liable nor compensate for any losses caused by it.
d. Our company will not be responsible for any conflict or disputes if users involve themselves in trading equipment, characters, virtual money or other in-game material in the game or in real life. Users should understand that the virtual money in the game can only be used within the game and cannot be sold or exchanged with actual physical cash. Therefore the user shall take the responsibilities for any losses that arise from any individual trade. We caution users to consider carefully before any trade.
e. Game Flier is only obliged to provide related information to the Police or authorities in criminal or civil case including cheating and unauthorized access cases. Our company is not obligated to solve or be held liable for the criminal or civil cases reported by the user to the Police. The user shall bear the responsibilities in such cases.

User Responsibilities

Upon connecting to the game servers, the user will be verified according to the ID and password. It is the user’s responsibility to safe keep the ID and Password to avoid any losses. Game Flier employees will never request for the password either through in-game, e-mail, fax, and phone or by other mediums.
b. The user must understand that once a Payment card has been scratched and the credits have been loaded or transferred into the user’s account, it means that the user is ready to spend it. The credits are neither transferable nor refundable. If Game Flier did not receive the user’s payment for use of the game, user should agree that Game Flier reserves the rights to terminate the user account that is involved in this issue.
c. To maintain a peaceful and healthy gaming environment, the user agrees to abide by the rules and regulations, penalties implied due to the violation of the said rules and regulations, and the handling procedures. The user also agrees to take responsibilities for all actions performed or speech that the user made in the game play of JX2 Online.
d. The user must use the client program provided by our company. Game Flier reserves the right to place restrictions on the user’s account if the user uses any illegal programs including third party software, acceleration software, illegal patches and macros, or any external programs that may hamper the game server’s capability to operate normally or cause imbalance towards the game play balance. Violators will be stripped of their privileges and we reserve the right to take legal action against the user.
e. The user shall not harass, threaten, interrupt other user’s game play or purposely bring inconvenience to other users. If such violations are proven, Game Flier reserves the right to take action towards the user as we see fit, including the freeze of ID. The user also acknowledges that any misconduct or violation may lead to a temporary or permanent restriction from accessing the account.

User Limitations

The user cannot claim ownership to the game. When the user expresses his or her agreement to the terms and conditions of using the software, the user is endowed with only the right to use the game instead of owning the game.
b. Users are prohibited to claim oneself as a JX2 Online or Game Flier official representative either in-game or in real life (either to cheat, swindle or spread rumours). Should either the character name, party name, guild name or party name imply the impression that he or she is an official representative, Game Flier reserves the right to take action towards the user as we see fit, including the freeze of ID.
c. Users are prohibited from exploiting the game’s bug to gain extra benefit or unfair advantage (which causes imbalance towards the game play or game economy), hinder the game progress or invoking game anomalies that were not in the original game design, causing the game to be played under abnormal circumstances. Users are prohibited to communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug to other user through in-game or other mediums. The violator will be stripped of their privileges including freeze of the user account for an unlimited amount of time and retrieve the benefit or profits from the violator. Game Flier reserves the right to take legal action against such user or to suspend our services to restore the game back to normal. However, we would not be liable for losses due to the rollback of servers. Users who discover such game bug are obligated to report to our company and not exploit it.
d. User must not use the game for commercial purposes either secretly or openly including using the game to trade real life items, advertise real life business, publicize confidential material which violates privacy laws and trade accounts or other in-game materials involving actual transaction of physical cash with another user.
e. Unless specifically defined by the local law, the user agrees not to hold Game Flier liable for damages that may occur from use of the JX2 Online software, official website and related services provided by Game Flier.

Naming Regulations

The user must obey the rules regarding the naming of the user’s ID, character name, party name, guild name and nickname.
b. The names can use combinations of English alphabets and Number. However, the names given must not contain the following elements:
1. Names contains sexual elements, vulgarity, insults, foul language or obscenity(in any language)
2. Names that impersonate or are similar to Game Flier official representative
3. Names that cannot be read by others due to the use of different encoding system
4. Illegal characters or symbols that cannot be found on normal English standard keyboard
5. Names that are similar to others that create confusions when identifying different users
6. Copyright names or known trademark of third party
7. Names that mock political party and leaders
8. Names that are anti-social or threatens the National Security
9. Names that contain unfounded rumours
c. If such improper or official name violation is proven, Game Flier will request the user to eliminate the name either by deletion or modification (whenever possible). If the user refuses to co-operate, freeze of the account would commence according to the rules and regulation.

Messaging Channel Regulations

a. In order to maintain a healthy culture and moral principles which abide by the national law and to maintain public safety, the users are prohibited to include the following elements when using the various messaging channel including World channel, Clan channel, GM System channel and GM’s Private Channel:
1. Messages that contains sexual matters, vulgarity, insults, foul language or obscenity(in any language)
2. Repeat messages for the purpose of flooding channels in order to gain attention
3. Messages that speak of criminal activities
4. Messages that are anti-social, racist, contains cult elements, violates human rights, openly criticize the nation or threatens the National Security
5. Messages that threaten, slander other users or spread unfounded rumors
6. Messages that damages other user’s reputation
7. Messages that violate the copyright or known trademark of third party.
8. Political discussion b. If such violations are proven, Game Flier reserves the right to take action including warning, mute character or freeze of account according to the rules and regulation.




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