Mozilla OS

Mozilla to go into mobile OS for tablets

Internet browser company Mozilla has announced that they are working towards developing their own mobile operating system. They recently unveiled their first round plans that will adopt their Gecko engine which is the technology behind the quick and efficient Firefox browser. From there, the technology will be used to develop the new OS which could be used for tablets and mobile devices. It seems that more and more companies are targeting the tablet market which is growing exponentially globally.

It is currently being known as Boot to Gecko where the source code will be simultaneously launched for developers initially. The Gecko is also being used by Mozilla for its Thunderbird email system. Mozilla is adopting its open-source strategy with this one. On the other hand, Google, the developers of the Android OS too adopting the same strategy although it was not launched in the initial stages. According to reports, the entire development lifecycle will be carried out in open which means that the source codes will be released in real time where every successful addition will be accepted and changes tracked. They will not be using the Android SDK by Google where Mozilla will be running a set of new APIs.

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