Most Amazing Technologies after 2020

The world is constantly advancing with the latest developments and new technologies. You will be left far behind if you are not aware of these. Here are some of the most recent amazing technologies happening RIGHT NOW!

3D Printing Organs

You would have heard about printers that can print phone covers, acrylic cases and even guns. But it is now possible to have these specialized printers creating organs such as the heart and liver.

Needle-free vaccines

The ImmunoMatrix Patch is a simple patch that looks like a handyplast. What it does is that you now do not need the syringe anymore. No pains, no waste and do it at your own time.

Storage – Unlimited

This is done by a university in United Kingdom which is developing the technology to give you endless storage. At the moment, it could store more than 330 TB of data. This will only go on and before you know it, you could store almost anything and everything.

Wall climbing equipment

Scientists have discovered a new species of fish in the Amazon which can climb walls. They are looking to extract the method and use it for engineers.

Cyberwear equipment

Think of the artificial pancreas for diabetics with a lot more functions. Scientists are developing one for the brain. Once it is completed, you can connect your brains to the computer.

Stem Cells developments

Doctors have already been able to make transplants using stem cells. Soon, it will become more sensible to have babies deposit their stem cells upon birth. Or maybe a clone of you.

Solidifying gas

This will change the world as we know it. By turning gas like CO2 into stone, it could be the answer to pollution. At the moment, CO2 is being pumped into the air and polluting it.

Go wireless

We all know how wireless internet has changed our lives. Now with wireless charging, it has pushed the bar further. That is all about to advance further as electricity can be transferred from one point to another. That means, no more wires!

Growing new limbs

Scientists have already made the breakthrough to grow new limbs. They have done it for a rat and it might be made for the human soon.

New tattoos

This is known as the biometric tattoo which includes all your medical history and records. It is replaced every 5 days and installed into your body. Once you see the doctor, the tattoo will inform the doctor about your condition in the last few days. Simple and easy.

Power of the sun

With solar power, it could well be tax-free energy. This is not a new technology but it has been produced in mass volumes as energy becomes more expensive.

New cities

Many don’t know it yet but many are already developing water cities that float and can move around. It will become safer and surely more exciting. Millions will want to stay in these modern cities as they become available in the near future.




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