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MCIS Insurance Berhad, known in short as MCIS Life is one of the oldest names in the insurance industry in Malaysia. This life insurer has been around for more than 50 years now being established back in 1954. In 2014, MCIS Insurance Berhad became a part of the Sanlam Group and in 2019 rebranded to become MCIS Life. The Sanlam Group has a much longer history where it was established in 1918 in South Africa as a life insurance company. Today, it is among the largest insurance groups in the world with a strong presence in Africa and around the world.

Life and Protection

Products and packages in life and protection offered by MCIS Life are offered to reflect the current needs of the market, providing coverage for the policyholders in the event of death or Total and Permanent Disability (TBD), among others.

  • PeopleLink – This is a plan that comes with protection against death or TBD with a compassionate benefit of up to RM3,000. It comes with a guaranteed coverage of up to 5 years.
  • PrimeLink – Protects the family with financial payout in the event of death or TBD to the policyholder. This financial safety net allows continuity of way of life after the incident.
  • Premium Protector – A plan which is flexible and comes with 105% refund for a basic premium paid in the event of no-claim. It is a basic plan with the possibility of add-ons.
  • SuperSeries – This plan provides coverage of up to 3 times in accidental death and options of either cash value or survival benefits for the policyholder.

Medical and Health Packages

An important need in the modern lifestyle, medical insurances help to cover medical bills and expenses when the unfortunate happens. These packages are designed to help policyholders get through the hard times while offering financial support for the family members in events like loss of income.

  • MaxHealth Plan – A standard and comprehensive medical insurance that ensures a smooth transition in the event of hospitalization and medical treatments required. It comes with coverage of up to 100 years old.
  • MYEarly CriticalAid – This plan protects the policyholder up to 108 different critical illnesses. It includes treatment from the early to advanced stages with no waiting period.
  • LadyCare – Designed for the modern woman, this plan comes with coverage against known female illnesses plus a golden year benefit feature of up to 60 years old with protection against death or TBD.

Savings and Retirement Planning

The plans in this category are designed to help policyholders stretch their investments further especially with their hard-earned money so that they can provide a safety net for the family and after retirement.

  • SecureInvest – An investment plan that comes with insurance protection against natural or accidental death with flexibility policy terms to choose from. This comes with the option to choose from various funds with good potential for returns.
  • EduSecure – This plan is designed to help with the cost of education of the children. It also comes with insurance protection and is investment-linked with better potential for higher returns in the future.
  • Growth Saver – A savings and insurance protection plan that comes with a double accidental death coverage options. This is a short-term premium paying plan with good returns.
  • Wealth Multiplier – A plan that helps to save money for the policyholder. Upon maturity, the policyholder can enjoy a full payout of the sum assured payable which is catered to suit the budget.
  • EzySaver – This package is a savings plan that provides insurance protection including the death benefit, accidental death benefit and maturity benefit, among others.
  • Golden Retirement – Nothing beats being able to plan for retirement and starting early. This plan comes with a guaranteed income payment at the age of retirement as well as protection against 36 types of critical illnesses.

Other packages and plans

Apart from the plans above, MCIS Life also provides insurance packages for businesses as well as convenient packages that are hassle-free which can be applied online.

  • Group Term Life (GTL) – A group insurance package designed for corporations and businesses. This is an annually-renewable insurance package that comes with coverage that protects against death, TBD or partial permanent disability (PPD) for the employees. On top of this package, corporations can opt for riders such as:
    • Group Personal Accident Rider
    • Group Accelerated Dread Disease (GADD) / Group Standalone Dread Disease (GSDD) Rider
    • Group Hospitalization and Surgical (GHS) Rider
  • SME SmartProtector  – This plan is designed to protect the businesses in the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) industry. It provides coverage for assets and employees.
  • MyLifestyle Protect – This is an online package that is designed to provide the safety net for the policyholder and the family members should the unexpected occur. This is in terms of providing financial stability and to maintain the current lifestyle.
  • MyLife Protect – This is a full protection plan which is designed for individuals who are either married or single. It comes with protection against death or TBD where the policyholder can choose between 10, 20 or 30 years term.
  • MyHospital Benefit – This is an online-applicable medical insurance plan which is designed for flexibility to the modern individual. It comes with a daily cash allowance in the event of hospitalization and other known benefits. Premiums start from as low as RM50 per month.
  • MyCritical Cover – A plan which can be applied online that comes with medical coverage for 4 types of known critical illnesses which are kidney failure, stroke, heart diseases and cancer. It provides the plan for seamless check-in to hospitals when required and guardian allowance as well.


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