Massage parlours for men – new scheme in loyalty cards

Massage parlours for men – new scheme in loyalty cards

Remember when you used to drink in the likes of Coffee Bean and Starbucks where they gave you a loyalty cards for you to collect stamps. It is like where for each coffee or tea you purchase, you will be accorded with 1 stamp and you have collected of filled-up the entire card (usually 12 or 10 stamps) then your next drink is free.

Some massage parlours in Malaysia recently decided that such a scheme actually works, and they have used them for their customers. The only catch is that these ‘loyalty cards’ are for men only.

Why you might ask? Well, the reason is simple. The massage parlours are actually offering ‘additional’ services to its customers. The masseurs are young women and that means these places are meant for men only. Women can choose to patronage these places but that would surely be very weird.

These happenings came into light recently when these places were reported and raided by the authorities who found the cards as well as condoms in the premises. What condoms were for in the parlours is a no-brainer.

According to the reports, there were all types of scheme like ‘buy 6 free 1’, ‘buy 10 free 2’ and all that which requires the customers to collect the stamps. Once they complete the card, they can then redeem the free session which comes with the ‘extra services’. One particular massage parlour which claims to offer no ‘extras’ said that the loyalty cards have helped to improve their businesses as they are guaranteed of repeat purchases.

So boys, be careful where you are treading because not all massage parlours provide extra services, particularly in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, there are also parlours which claimed to be ‘clean’ but were also recently raided for offering such services which were illegal and were subsequently closed down.

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