Marriage is for long term. What makes her a good life-partner?

Marriage is for long term

So, you have been seeing her for 2 years now and you are ready to pop the question. But before you go ahead to dive into a lifetime of ‘happy ever after’, take note of certain qualities. Think about whether this will last a lifetime because if it does not, then perhaps it is time to bail out before its too late. Seriously, dating and marriage are 2 different ball games altogether, so you might want to consider dating a bit longer if she is not the one who will make a good wife.

For starters, look at signs. If she jumps from job to job, then you know she is not the loyal type. One who changes her hairstyle every 2 months are also signs of such. An easily jealous girlfriend is one who is not too secure. While jealousy is sometimes viewed as a positive trait of a relationship, we are referring to those who are jealous even when it is your sister you are close to. If she is jealous of your friends for spending too much time watching football with them, then this would be a lifetime recurring problem to a point where you will eventually become anti-football. Sex is very important. If she wants it too much or too little, it will be like this forever. So think about that.


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