Manners you never knew really MATTERED!

Social etiquette has often been an issue especially if you are out and running networking in your job. At times, the issue of etiquette has been so overlooked some quarters believe that it is no longer necessary.

Are manners no longer relevant?

There is quite a different between etiquette and manners. When it comes to etiquette it would sometimes refer to protocol or practices that are deemed acceptable in certain places. Hence, you should really take note of these things which although might not be crucial but would be necessary.

Clap your hands

Did you know that the correct method to clap your hands is by putting your hands in front of your chest and slightly skewed towards the left? Putting them in front of your face is wrong and is deemed rude in many circles.

Entering your car

If you ask the ladies, they will be able to tell you that the right way to get into your car is to sit in first before swinging your legs in. This maneuver helps to avoid flashing too much. So don’t climb in straight with your feet.

Butter when dining

When the butter is passed to you, slice a bit out of the main dish and place it on your dish before using it. Never slice it straight onto your bread.

Pointing and coughing

Certain societies use different practices when it comes to these things.

  1. Pointing – Using your index finger to point at things or people is just outright rude. Use your thumb instead.
  2. Coughing – Always use your right hands when you shake hands or when you wave goodbye, even if you are a left-hander. In fact, it is almost compulsory to shake hands with your right hands in most Asian countries, especially in Malaysia
  3. Returning cookie jars – if someone gives you a jar of cookies, you should return the case. But you must not return an empty jar. You should fill it up with cookies or any other items that might be of interest.
  4. Toasting – When they toast you, the best manners to observe here is to let them finish drinking only which you should gulp after that. After that, you should return the favour and toast a ‘thank you’ back!.
  5. Table manners – When you are asked to pass the salt, you must pass the pepper as well. They come in pairs and should be passed around in pairs too
  6. Bowing – Not every country bows but it surely is one of the most acceptable gesture in Japan and Korea as well as many parts of China or Taiwan. However, you should bow a little when you are walking in front of people you respect. This is most common when you are in an event or when you are gesturing to ‘excuse me’.


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