Making those lips irresistible

Making those lips irresistible

Who would not want to have nice lips, ever since Angelina Jolie pop on the silver screen everyone is obsessed with getting lips that are fuller and of course much sexier. However for most women out there as they grow older, unfortunately some things grow bigger while others shrink and it is never in the order they want. However this does not mean that everything is over and you cannot walk out the front door without putting a mask on. In fact there are many things that you can do to make your lips look fuller.

If you have the money to go for collagen injections then by all means go ahead, but if you are like most of the majority of women out there who can’t afford to take this option then no worries. There are other alternatives that you can consider that will cost you less as compared to going to the doctors not to mention that there are no risks involved. The alternative that we are talking about here is some of the tips and tricks that are used by the world’s top professional make up artists.

The first step in making your lips look fuller and sexier is to make your lips look smooth and nice. This is to make sure that when you apply lipstick on to your lips they will definitely look great. What you need to do is to keep your lips smooth by exfoliating them, so when you are not wearing any lipsticks you can apply lip balm to your lips.

You can start by applying lip liner; this is to make the shape of your lips more defined as well as to make them look larger. The lip liner can actually work in reverse which means that you can use it to make your lips look smaller. So make sure that the lip pencil is sharp enough so that it is easier to create that very narrow line. Once you have finished outlining your lips with the liner you can start to apply lipstick, when you use the liner it will also help by stopping your lipstick from bleeding through. Unless you want to look like the Joker, never use the liner to draw fake lips and stay within the natural lines of your lips.

Use short strokes and start at the ‘v’ of your lips, after that outline the rest of your lips and fill the rest of your lips with the lip liner. Once you have finished with that step, you can now apply the lipstick, blot and than reapply. To create the illusion that your lips will look bigger you will need to apply a lighter shade of color of the lipstick at the center of the lips.

There are several types of lipsticks that you can consider, for example a gloss lipstick will make your lips look fuller, a matte lipstick will last longer as compared to other types of lipsticks but it is very drying while a sheer lipstick will not last very long. Choose the lipstick that will suit different occasions, if you know that you will be out all day then you can consider one type of lipstick however if you are only attending an evening function maybe a lipstick that will not last long will be better suited. You will have to take not just the type of lipstick into consideration but also the colors. Medium colors will make your lip look bigger and lipsticks that have neutral shades are very versatile as they can be easily matched with everything. You should also take note that lipsticks that contain moisturizer maybe good for the condition of your lips but they are more susceptible to bleeding.

Sunscreen lotion is very useful for the protection of the skin especially from the harsh element of the sun. However most people only remember to apply onto their skin and forget about the lips. The lips can also be damaged by the sun’s rays and it is important that you protect your lips. There are many lip balm in the market currently that have SPF protection, even some lipsticks contain this form of protection. So it is important that you not only protect your skin but getting those fuller and sexier lips means protecting your lips as well.

As you can see from these tips, if will cost you half the fraction of going to the doctors and putting yourself through all the pain. These are not magical solutions that will permanently make your lips stay in that condition but you can guarantee that even you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.



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