Making moisturizing lotion at the comfort of your home

moisturizing lotion at home

Now you can have the luxury of pampering yourself at the comfort of your own home by making your own moisturizing lotions with the items that you can find in your kitchen. The following are two recipes that you can use to make a quick, simple yet effective lotion for your skin.

The way the moisturizers work is that they stay on the skin so that it can moisturize it as well as preventing any further dehydration of the skin. Most of the moisturizers that you will find in the market currently are usually emulsions of oil and water. However it is best recommended that you use the ones that are water based which basically means that they oil droplets are suspended in the water.

As you would all know oil and water does not mix, so they cannot dissolve one another this is where you will need an emulsifier to get the oil and the water to form a suspension. Lecithin is an option that you can use for the lotions and the liquid lecithin can be added to the oil part of the lotion or rather you can also dissolve lecithin granules into the oil. Take the lecithin and heat it in both the water and oil portions of lotion in separate containers simultaneously within a saucepan of water. When you want to make these lotions you will then have to add drops of the warm oil slowly into the warm water once the granules have dissolved. The process may sound complicated and in fact it is.

The first moisturizing recipe is an avocado and rose lotion, and the ingredients of course would consist of some avocado oil and little bit of rose water. But you don’t have to go through all that with this simple recipe as the avocado oil already contains lecithin. So what you do is take the rose water with the avocado oil and mix it together by shaking it in a clean bottle. It is as simple as that, just add equal amounts of the avocado oil and the rose water, but make sure that you shake well before you use it.

The second type is also a simple recipe of glycerin and rose lotion, as the name suggests the ingredients consist of glycerin and rosewater. So what you do us that one teaspoon of pure glycerin and add that to 9 teaspoons of rosewater. Put these into a clean bottle and shake well, now you will have yourself a moisturizing lotion that moisturizes your skin by drawing moisturize from the air.

As these are natural ingredients and do not have any preservatives included in the lotions, it is best that you make small quantities of it. This is to make sure that you can use it within a day or the moisturizing lotion will become spoilt which would result in the skin irritation.



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