How to make your own directional Wi-Fi antenna?

How to make your own directional Wi-Fi antenna?

Ever wanted to ‘control’ your Wi-Fi directions? Now you can with your own home-made Directional Wi-Fi Antenna

It can be very distressing when you have Wi-Fi internet access at home with weak signals in certain parts like the kitchen or in the basement. Instead of spending a lot of money on Wi-Fi boosters which sometimes don’t even work, you can try and channel your signals towards a direction using the following method.

What you need?

  1. A baby bottle
  2. A mesh strainer
  3. A USB Wi-Fi dongle

What you want to create is a parabolic antenna which can divert Wi-Fi signals in a single direction. You will have to attach the baby bottle to the mesh strainer. Prior to this, you need to find out which is the best position that your parabolic antenna should face.

Use a standard USB cable and attach it to the dongle. Then mount it to the baby bottle. This whole device needs to be taped to a stick. From there, you can then plug the USB cable to your computer and point to towards your desired direction and see if you can obtain better signals at the weak locations. In fact, you can ‘adjust’ the direction until you get the effects you want.

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