Thean Hou Temple


Located along Jalan Syed Putra which is connected to the Federal Highway of the Klang Valley is one of the most popular Thean Hou Temple. This is a temple which is among the most visited among tourists and locals alike.

Significant temple among Chinese in Malaysia

This landmark plays an important role among the Chinese community of Malaysia mainly because it is affiliated with Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism which makes up a majority of the heritage and culture of this group of people.

Background of Thean Hou Temple

The Thean Hou Temple is built on top of the hill which is housed within its 1.67 acres of land. It is operated by the Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association which has was opened in 1989. Dedicated to the Goddess Tian Hou, many come here for its beautiful surroundings lined up with remarkable and amazing structures and buildings.

Picturesque heritage structure

As such, it is very common to see visitors posing and taking photographs while devotees come here to pay their respects. The Thean Hou Temple has 3 altars while it is a very popular place for local couples to register their marriages as it is considered auspicious to do so here. Besides that, there is a Tortoise Pond, a Wishing Well and a Chinese Medicinal Herbs Garden, among other attractions.

Besides being a place of worship for the Chinese community, the Thean Hou Temple is a place for couples to register their marriage. Once the marriage is solemnized, they will provide offerings and prayers here before proceeding to take photos and such. From the Thean Hou Temple, there are other nearby attractions like Muzium Negara, MidValley Megamall and Central Market which are located about 10 to 15 minutes away.


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