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Local Burger Delight

The Boys Food truck is something of a superior local burger brand. You can see this truck operating around the BHP Petrol Station in Taman Melawati where it offers a wide range of burgers and snacks. As the name implies, The Boys Food truck is operated by a group of young entrepreneurs who offers great food from dinner to supper.

Home made recipe

Unlike the usual Ramly Burger, the boys here make their own patties and when you order a burger, you get a generous serving. They have the hotdog ‘special’ and burgers that are messily done but that is because they are putting just too much into every serving. They have their signature, the Jimmynator which is their own double cheeseburger. Otherwise, for about RM6, you can try their steak sandwich. In fact, most of their items on the menu are below RM10 which is their main advantage. They usually operate until midnight.


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