Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium


Top Sporting Ground

Located in Larkin in Johor Bahru is the Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium. It is most fondly known as Stadium Larkin (or Larkin Stadium in English). This ground is the home to the Johor FA team. It is actually known for being one of the most intimidating grounds in Malaysian football as Johor FA is a highly respected and reputable team.

Historical with modern facilities

Presently, the Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium is able to host about 30,000 people at any time. The history of this ground dates back to 1964 when it was opened. The name was taken from Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Hassan Yunos, the former Mentri Besar of the Johor state. When it was built, the stadium could only hold 15,000 people and was not meant to be a major venue. A revamp took place in 1991 to double its capacity with the addition of an athletics track and more advanced infrastructure. Today, it is used for hosting mainly football and sporting events.


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