A day at Taiping Zoo, a night at the Safari

Welcome to Taiping Zoo and Night Safari! The zoo has a long standing reputation for offering visitors a great experience and fun trip! Ideally located within the picturesque Taiping Lake Gardens and the foot of Maxwell Hill, you can spend a day at Taiping Zoo and a night at the Safari.

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari among the top attractions

This well-developed tourist attraction houses a diversity and abundance of wildlife creatures in lush greenery surroundings thus making it a favourite spot for families with kids.

Background of Taiping Zoo

First opened its door in 1961, Taiping Zoo remained as the country’s oldest zoo and also, the only one in northern Peninsular. Imagine yourself exploring a world surrounded by notorious creatures that blend into the natural landscape perfectly. Taiping Zoo is a great spot for photography!

Animals and beautiful natural wonders

The vast and exciting zoo is set in an enclave of natural landscape offering breathtaking views of lakes and beautiful plants. With more 180 species of wildlife creatures that include birds, reptiles and mammals, visitors will definitely enjoy the ‘Open Concept’ animal enclosures as they get a closer look at the animals. The enclosures were built to resemble their natural habitats.

Among some of the endangered species in this exotic ‘Open Concept’ are elephants, tigers, African lions, black panthers, whitehead eagle (Halistur Indus) and Honey Bears. Open daily from 8.30 am to 6 pm, be there early especially during the weekend because the zoo is often packed with day-trippers.

Experience the Night Safari too

After spending the day at Taiping Zoo, stay right here because the Night Safari comes to life after 8 pm. Perhaps you have heard that nocturnal animals are only active after the sun goes down. But is it true? To prove this fact, you are encouraged to stay and check out the Safari and catch a glimpse of these active animals in their habitats. But bear in mind, no torch lights or cameras (flash from the device) allowed because it will certainly distress the creatures. But no worries because you can still see the animals as the management uses lighting that works similarly to moonlight to ensure that you can see the creatures roaming around freely.

First of its kind the country, you should not miss the opportunity to check out the nocturnal animals roaming in their natural habitat. You’ll get the ‘real jungle’ feeling as the sounds of the creatures surround you.



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