Survival Project – Cute Graphics in an ACTION-PACKED Game!

Survival Project is an online action network game where you battle other players in real-time while online.

Survival Project offers 8 modes of play with different objectives. Every mode has 8 distinct environments and effects.

Players can choose from among different 8 cute characters with distinct weapons and abilities. Players can be divided into 2 teams to 4 teams and will be able to execute various strategies and tactics by manipulating the advantages gained from environmental conditions and various items.

Survival Project adopts a successful real time action formula for its gameplay and that ensures players enjoy thrilling and engaging battles. It also incorporates various systems such as the Guild and the Benefactor system to allow for communities of players in the game.

• CPU : Pentium I3 or above
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/7/8/10
• Internet Speed : 56K or above/ADSL/Cable modem
• Graphics Card : Any compatible card that has 16MB or above
• Sound Card : Any compatible card that support DirectSound
• Memory : 64MB RAM or above
• Controls : Keyboard and mouse
• Hard Disk : 500MB or above
• DirectX : DirectX 7 or above

You’ve got to love those anime-esque type character designs those Japanese and Koreans come up with. It’s not just because they’re cute and lovable, it’s also because the designs really exude character and personality. And that makes ’em cool. So it’s just super when a game like Survival Project comes along combining cool-looking cute characters and great competitive gameplay. All that, and a couple of bells and whistles added into the mix. And it’s online. The result promises a pretty good game to delve into.

Online Action Network Game

Survival Project is what developer IO Entertainment calls an “Online Action Network Game” that allows players to engage other players online in real-time battles. Basically, it’s a game where you choose a character with abilities that best suit your preference than duke it out online in a large variety of battle modes such as Quest Mode, Team Mode or even Soccer Mode. The player controls the character from an overhead perspective so he or she can get the best view of the action happening on screen.

All modes are the same in that the player has to battle each other but where it differs is in the objectives. Like in Quest Mode you have to retrieve 7 crystals before the other players do, while battling your way through all kinds of cute monsters in a random dungeon. And in Team Mode, you get to fight in teams with other players on specially created battle maps. Soccer Mode may be the most interesting mode because instead of using weapons to attack each other, the player actually “attacks” the ball around in a soccer field and tries to score a goal. Players will then fight for control of the ball to score a goal.

Survive in different environment

Each mode provides a variety of maps with unique environments for players to battle in. Different environments have different advantages for different characters so some strategy comes into play and these strategies have to be altered with different maps.

Players will get to choose from 8 characters with different abilities and weapons and each belongs to a different element (water, fire, wind, earth). These elements are important because each map has an advantage or disadvantage for different elements. Combined that with each character’s different speeds, strength and magic, the choice of tactics are numerous. The characters, which are all designed with meticulous detail and are represented by cute sprites, can be leveled up as the player completes objectives or defeats enemies. The higher level the player’s character is, the more bonuses he or she can unlock in the game.

Fight for the Cards!

There is also a card system that complements the player’s character’s abilities. Cards can be bought or found and used to upgrade certain skills, like speed or strength. Some last indefinitely, and some last only for a little while. You can also swap these cards with other people.

With the simple yet engaging gameplay combined with its gorgeously drawn cute graphics, Survival Project looks like it’s gonna be one game that’ll rob the hours off your life. This is engaging and addictive gameplay in a single package.


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