The stunning landscaped Japanese Garden at D R Seenivasagam Park

When visiting Ipoh, there are quite a few hidden gems located around the city centre. From science museums to royal palaces, flower gardens to award-winning food outlets, you will find it all in Ipoh.

Stunning D R Seenivasagam Park

Ask around local folks for direction to D R Seenivasagam Park. Chances are they’ll be more than happy to draw out a simple map to direct you to the impressive and stunning park with a diversity of blooming flowers and well-managed ponds. A popular recreational park in Ipoh, it was built and completed in 1960 and named after D R Seenivasagam (former Ipoh councilor and MP).

Popular for groups and families

Formerly known as Coronation Park, the spectacular park is popular for family outings, picnics and sports activities. Some even come after the sun goes down to relax while enjoying the lush greenery surroundings.

Indulge in flowers and carps

The sweet smelling flowers, a couple of huge recreational fields, captivating lake and the picturesque landscaped Japanese Garden with a Carp pond are some of the key attractions that draw visitors to the park especially during the weekend and holidays. While children can have all the fun at the playground as a number of amusement facilities are available such as mini-train course and roller—skating rink, adults can also have a good time yourself – sitting by the lake and enjoy the cool breeze to de-stress your mind. To get to the park, just drive to Jalan Raja Musa Aziz, somewhere not far from Jalan Hospital.



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