Big Yellow Truck

SpagMe’s black-and-yellow colored truck is impossible to miss when you see the gathering of food trucks. It is one of the very exciting destinations for a good meal if you are seeking this mode of dining. Serving delicious western dishes at affordable prices, SpagMe is one food truck that has been making waves recently, especially among those around Bukit Damansara and its surroundings.

For the Budget Lover

Most customers like SpagMe because of its pricing. The fact that they can enjoy a western meal for below RM10 is an advantage on its own what more enjoying the deliciously cooked items along the way. Their pork-free fried spaghetti is one of the highlights and crowd favorite here. At Wisma HELP, the SpagMe truck is seen around lunch time and you need to get there as early as you could to avoid the long queue.


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