Sabah Oriental Hotel (Formerly known as Beverly Hotel)

The perfect view and the perfect location: Nothing can compare to the intense diversity and natural beauty of the sights around Sabah Oriental Hotel Kota Kinabalu. Glimpse the majesty of the towering Mount Kinabalu. See the amazing beauty of the South China Sea and be inspired with the amazing sites of the bustling city. When you enter this glamorous Kinabalu hotel, you will behold a magnificent sight all on its own. This 4-star hotel offers luxury and services that are equally impeccable.

The Sabah Oriental Hotel Kota Kinabalu houses 200 rooms including 8 posh suites that exude contemporary beauty and appeal. Each room has been furnished well and is equipped with standard amenities like irons and ironing boards, coffee maker and tea infusers, television sets, Wi-Fi connection, ventilation and air conditioning, hair dryer, a mini bar, robes and a lot more. You will find yourself in the most luxurious experience just by being in these amazing rooms.

The hotel amenities are also luxurious and worth trying. Enjoy your fitness routine in our sophisticated gym and have a good swim in our massive pool. Take a refreshing sauna experience and have a wonderful time getting fit and healthy. Aside from these, Sabah Oriental Hotel Kota Kinabalu offers a lot of practical and convenient services to clients to take those worries away from you. Enjoy professional laundry services, babysitting as well as an on-call doctor whenever you are not feeling your best.

Of course, when it comes to food and dining, the Sabah Oriental Hotel or Beverly Hotel Kota Kinabalu will not disappoint you in terms of variety. Have a tasty snack while relaxing in a casual lounge where you can enjoy a relaxing time alone, reading. You can also experience the amazing local and international cuisines for a really enriching and appetizing experience. You will surely find fine dining in our Kota Kinabalu hotel.

For those who are looking for a venue for a variety of events, celebrations, forums and even seminars, our Kinabalu hotel boasts of massive ballrooms and banquet rooms for the needs of the exacting customers. We will custom fit the location depending on your needs and after which, have a blast without even thinking of anything else. Close those business deals and create memorable events with our Kota Kinabalu hotel. We are more than happy to make plans into realities.

Beverly Hotel or Sabah Oriental Hotel Kota Kinabalu is a truly magical and amazing venue where the majesty of the outside transforms into the most luxurious and convenient on the inside. Explore and experience Kota Kinabalu with luxury and comfort. Welcome to the Sabah Oriental Hotel Kota Kinabalu.



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