Pak Ha Homestay Taiping

Taiping offers one of the most unique and rewarding travelling experiences especially if you are one who likes history. This is because Taiping is known as one of the oldest towns in Malaysia where it is home to the oldest railway, the oldest prison and many more. One of the very popular accommodation choices in Taiping here are homestays where you can enjoy a night’s stay which is comfortable and well equipped. If you are looking for a budget and yet convenient place, then the Pak Ha Homestay would be one of your ideal choices.

The Pak Ha Homestay is located not far from the town centre where you will be able to dwell in a local neighbourhood among some of the most beautiful sceneries around here. It consists of 3 rooms with 2 bathrooms. The rooms here are air-conditioned and they also offer you with the main home appliances like a washing machine, a television, multi-cooker as well as a sofa set for your comfort. Staying at Pak Ha Homestay would mean that you will be within reach of major public amenities of Taiping where you will be very near to convenience stores as well as natural attractions like the Bukit Jana waterfalls. Rates start from RM150 per night while you can also rent for the whole month which starts from RM750 per month.


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