Our next adventure at Empang Jaleh

The natural wonders of Malaysia is always an attraction among tourists and visitors. This is mostly contributed by the fact that Malaysia is very rich with natural resources like jungles, flora and fauna, rivers and such.

Magnificent dam in Kuala Lipis

Empang Jaleh in Kuala Lipis runs excellent leisure pursuits offering nature observation, wildlife viewing, bird watching and adrenaline-pumping activities suitable for people from all walks of life.

Something for everyone

First, visitors can take a rest, sit by the recreational lake and enjoy the breeze. For energetic hikers, trek along the invigorating and mountainous jungle trail all the way up to Gunung Tahan. For bird lovers who are searching for an ideal bird sanctuary, look no further because you can spend hours bird watching and sight seeing here.

Great for relaxation as well

If you are aiming for a full day relaxation and exploration within the area, allocate some time to check out the wondrous Terengganu Forest Park. The fabulous landscapes and nature scenes will take your mind off stress immediately. The smell of fresh flowers and nature at the flower nursery is what you need to keep you happy all the time. Do not hesitate to stay close to nature and go camping here.



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