o2jam the birth of Gaming with Music

Here’s your chance to jam with buddies of the same musical mind! A rhythm game with a twist, O2JAM is a refreshing take on the genre, because this game allows you to jam along with buddies online, from anywhere in the world. Earn money, gain experience and buy items to customize your avatar and do battle with other people. Compete to see who is the best!


  • A Music Playing Game allowing players to play beautiful music with guitars, synthesizers, drums and basses
  • Enjoy various genres of music ranging from classical to heavy metal to soft ballads
  • Play in single, match or ensemble (jam) modes
  • Cute customizable 3D Avatars
  • Level-up system based on your playing experience and musical performance
  • Jam music with a maximum of 8 players together
  • Intuitive user-interface and controls using only keyboard

O2Jam Unites the World of Gamers with the Power of Music!

The great thing about musical games at the arcades is that you get to play along to music with other people be they pals or just some random stranger. But then, we’re not at the arcade all the time and of course, while these games have home versions, most of the time you’re pretty much alone anyway and besides, it’s no fun when nobody’s there to see you strut your stuff and show off.

So what do you do when you feel the need to perform? Well, go play O2Jam, of course. Being a Multiplayer Online Musical Game (MOMG), you can just sit in front of your PC and play with other people. Up to 8 of them, in fact. You can play with them, or you can play against them, to see who jams the best tunes and who racks up the highest score.

Jamming and gaming

The better you play, the more experience points you get and the more Gems you are awarded. You see, O2Jam is little like an RPG where you can gain experience to increase your level. The higher your level, the more songs you’ll be able to play and jam with, and the more respect the players will heap upon you. The Gems you get can be used to purchase items from Item Shops.

You are represented in the game as a cute avatar whom starts out wearing little. But you get 10000 Gems when you create a new avatar and you can use the initial cash to spice up the avatar’s appearance. This is where the Item Shops come in. There are four Item Shops – The Fashion Shop, the Accessory Shop, the Beauty Shop and the Instrument Shop. You can buy all sorts of nifty items such as different wigs, clothes or even musical instruments to totally customize the look of your avatar. Try to make your avatar look as cool as possible! Of course, the best items are the most expensive, so don’t forget to save up those Gems.

Customization available for different players

When it comes to the game itself, you’ll find the controls pretty easy to get into but if you find the default settings not to your liking, don’t worry, they can be changed. You press the keys according to the notes that appear on screen and try to keep up with the tempo while following the rhythm. You can choose to play either with a guitar, synthesizer, bass or drums in a variety of different song genres such as Traditional, Classical, Funk, Hip-hop, Techno, Dance, Rock, Ballad, R&B, Soul etc.

When choosing a song, you’ll be able to set your preference for song difficulty. The harder you play, the more notes you have to play at the same tempo. You can also set at what speed you want to play the song (from x0.5 to x8). Timing is key to playing O2Jam and good hand-eye-ear coordination is crucial to scoring big points. To keep things interesting, you will also have to complete a mission every 4 levels where you will have to fullfill a certain condition in order to level up.

Chat and play!

Before actually playing a song, you start out in the lobby where you can chat with like-minded individuals such as yourself and use emoticon shortcuts (by pressing Ctrl+[0-9] and Ctrl+Shift+[0-9]) to show what you’re feeling. By using these emoticons, a small emoticon will appear over your avatar where everybody online in the lobby will be able to see it. The lobby is also where you choose who to team up with (by choosing the same colours) and who to play against. The team wins by making the least mistakes during music-playing sessions. There is also a ranking board in the lobby showing the highest level players in the lobby.

Follow the game’s rhythm

O2Jam is a great game that encourages and enhances a player’s feel for melody and rhythm in a song. It helps expose them to all kinds of music, and be a part of the music-playing. It’s almost like playing as a member in a band! O2Jam is suitable for anyone who likes music, and who likes to take a break and relax. And with new songs and new items being updated and being made available in the game periodically, O2Jam is one online game that won’t get old.

• OS : Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
• RAM : 64Mb or Above
• HDD : 80Mb or Above
• Browser : Internet Explorer 5.5 or above
• CPU : Pentium II 350MHz or Above
• DirectX 8.0a or Above


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