Monkey Tops Safari in Sabah

When in Sabah, the most common attractions here would usually be of rich natural flora and fauna, highlands, beaches and such. There are highlands here, islands and so much more for you to see.

Monkey Tops Safari – Natural attractions aplenty

So, it is only natural that you will like the Monkey Tops Safari if you like natural attractions. This is one of the best places around to see the natural habitat of:

  1. vegetation
  2. plants
  3. animals
  4. insects
  5. and most obviously monkeys.

Other species you will see here

This is a wetland forest where you will be able to spot other animals like:

  1. crocodiles
  2. Long Tail Macaques
  3. birds
  4. Proboscis Monkeys.

The Safari is situated towards the south of state capital Kota Kinabalu where it will take about one and a half hours or 100km to reach there. Here, the center can accommodate around 200 people at any time where you can enjoy the activities while go through the shop for souvenirs and handicrafts.

The safari serve as an ideal place if you want to get a good view of the wetlands because there is a 30 feet observation tower where you get a great view of the forests wide over the horizon. There is also a 500 feet boardwalk here with nipah atap roofs. Operated by Borneo Starcruise Sdn Bhd, there is also a Fish Spa, a dining hall and a boat cruise service too.



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