Gear up for some action in The Lost World of Tambun

Be prepared to have a blast in The Lost World of Tambun! A unique and one-of-a-kind attraction in Peninsular, visitors would be mesmerized as you look around the picturesque view of limestone hills, wondrous tropical forest and captivating lake.

Not just a normal theme park

It is more than just a man-made exciting water theme park because it is set amidst the calm tranquility of 400-million-year-old tantalizing natural limestone hills and water canals. Meticulously designed and carefully crafted with various interesting features to attract visitors, this is an ideal escapade for day trippers and families who are looking forward for a wonderful and fun adventure in water theme park. Other than the key attraction of exhilarating water theme park, visitors would also find a tiger valley, hot water springs and man-made beaches within this enclave.

Indulge into the Waterfall Beach Garden

Relax and rejuvenate at the beautifully landscaped Waterfall Beach Garden where you can unwind at the long stretch of white sandy beaches as you enjoy the stunning view of the whole theme park. After spending some quality time on this beach garden, buckle up for some exhilarating and invigorating Lost World adventures.

Longest man-made river ride in Asia

Head over to one of the wildest water rides – Asia’s longest man-made thrilling river ride – Adventure River. Hold on tight to the tube as you’ll float along bumpy gargoyles while being surrounded by lovely limestone hills. For the brave and adventurous riders, try the extreme Tube Raiders as you’ll float and glide past giant slides twisting at odd angles to give you the thrill.

Other attractions here at Bukit Tambun

More action awaits you but before that spend some time to take a dip in the hot water springs. Well, fret not if those extreme wet ‘n’ wild rides are not your thing because there is a dry park section with plenty of stimulating rides such as:

  1. Dragons Flight
  2. The Giddy Galleon
  3. Storm Rider
  4. and Perak Parade.

On another note, Tiger Valley is one of the key attractions where you’ll get to catch a glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitat under the supervision of experienced trainers. And let’s not forget about Needle of Tambun because experienced cave explorers can ascend deep into the vertical rock formations to check out the glistening stalagmites and stalactites.

Visit the Petting Zoo too

The latest attraction in Lost World of Tambun – Petting Zoo was established in 2009 to draw more young visitors to the park. Set amidst all natural jungle, children are given the opportunity for a closer interaction with animals. This recreational zoo houses 55 species of 4,000 animals. To end this unique experience perfectly, catch the Adventure Express – train that takes you around the big park to see wild tigers and water rides for one last time before you leave the Lost World of Tambun.



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