Live House is not just a seven day offering of live performances, it has also proven to be a firm favorite location for both corporate and group gatherings alike to host a variety of events. The venue has a highly flexible interior, and can accommodate up to 500 people divided over two floors, allowing for seated covers for 300, entertainment opportunities on two purpose built stages, state of the art audio visual equipment, two DJ booths, full back line band setup and a fully functioning kitchen.

Ground Floor

The ground floor at Live House is an open plan room that offers generous space for events, both seated and standing. It is equipped with a state of the art kitchen and the most modern of sound and light equipment.

Seated: 140
Standing: 250
Al Fresco: 32 (seated)
Size: 3,750 sq ft.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 20ft x 8ft Stage
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Full Back-line Equipment for Live Bands
  • 10ft x 10ft Projector Screen & HD Projector
  • DJ Booth
  • Dance Floor
  • HD LED TVs
  • Bar*
  • Cocktail Tables & Chairs
  • Reception Area*
  • Parties Up Till 5am
  • Shuttle Service Available Upon Request*
  • We Proudly Serve KGB Burgers®*

First Floor

The first floor at Live House is a large malleable offering that can be both broken down into smaller sections, both indoor and outdoor. It offers generous staging and visual aids for a variety of event opportunities.

Seated: 180
Standing: 280
Balcony: 30 (standing)
Size: 4,150 sq ft.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 20ft x 8ft Stage
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Full Back-line Equipment for Live Bands
  • DJ Booth
  • Dance Floor
  • HD LED TVs
  • Bar*
  • Cocktail Tables & Chairs
  • Parties Up Till 5am
  • Shuttle Service Available Upon Request*
  • They Proudly Serve KGB Burgers®*


Serving delicious food from the team behind KGB Burgers, complemented by an extensive selection of ice cold beers and spirits, we aim to offer a place of comfort where you can express yourselves and have an exceptionally memorable time.


  • Sharing

    We just love sharing here at Live House and this is no different with our food options. Check out what amazing platters and bites we have!

  • Live House Sharing Platter

    Mamacita grilled corns, quesadillas, barbacoa egg rolls and chicken wings with dips

  • KGB Signature Burger Sliders

    Four of our sexiest burgers lined up to wet your appetite!

  • The Fry Lab

    Mix of 3 types of frys, served with house special dips.

    Choose 3:
    Cajun Fries
    Herbed Fries
    Waffle Fries
    Spicy Wedges
    Onion Rings

  • Speciality Fries

    Choice of:
    Texas Jalapeño Steak (Beef or Chicken)
    Melted cheese, grilled beef, jalapeños, ranch

    Kimchi Bulgogi Fries (Beef or Chicken)
    Melted cheddar, sautéed kimchi, bulgogi meat, kimchi mayo, sourcream

  • Quesadilla

    Rustic Quesadilla
    Bromance (Vegetarian)
    Roasted brocollis, sautéed chili-lime corn, montery jack, chipotle aioli, guacamole

    Jalapeño Popper
    Cream cheese, jalapeño, southern ranch, southwestern grilled chicken or steak

    Jamaican Jerk Chicken
    Jamaican jerk chicken, cotija cheese, mango salsa, jalapeño mayo

    Caramelised bulgogi beef, cheese, kimchi, kimchi mayo

    Quesadilla Sampler
    Sampling platter of the best quesadillas on this side of the world! Served with salad and fresh salsa

  • KFC Korean Fried Cauliflower

    Fried double-dipped cauliflowers covered in glaze. Choice of:
    Sesame and soy garlic
    Buffalo hot sauce
    Spicy korean

  • Tostada Chips

    Freshly fried corn tortilla chips served with house made spicy salsa

  • The Wingmen

    Choice of:

    Golden Jalapeño
    Crisp spiced salted egg yolk wings, jalapeño

    Classic tangy, buttery pepper hot sauce

    Nashville Hot
    Ultimate soul food, southern-spiced red hot cayenne coated wings

    Ultimate Wingmen
    Ultimate 9 pieces assorted chicken wings platter features mix of 3 different flavours and dips

  • Barbacoa Spicy Eggrolls

    BBQ grilled chicken, corn, black beans, cheddar jack cheese, served with chipotle yoghurt and guacamole

  • Slider Bar

    Each sliders comes in two.
    Choice of patty: Beef / Chicken / Vegetarian

  • Shack Cheeseburger Sliders

    Crust-seared beef/chicken, sharp cheddar, shack sauce

  • Truffle’d Mushroom Slider

    Grilled beef/chicken, sautéed portobello, swiss cheese, truffle infuse, herbed ranch

  • Dunstan’s Lettuce Slider

    Grilled chicken, sharp cheddar, shack sauce

  • Spiked Bacon Sliders

    Crust-seared beef/chicken, sharp cheddar, crispy beef bacon, KGB spicy sauce

  • Craft Burgers

    Choice of patty: Beef / Chicken / Vegetarian
    Comes with cajun fries.

  • Shack

    Crust-seared patty, sharp cheddar, shack sauce


    Crust-seared patty, mustard-grilled, sharp cheddar, caramelised onions, shack sauce

    Double Animal
    Double up the burger with two patties, double the cheese, double the onions!

  • L-O-L

    MUST TRY! Only available in KGB @ Live House.
    Love affair between ultimate comfort food – mac n’ cheese and a classic shack cheeseburger

  • Spiked

    Crust-seared patty, sharp cheddar, crispy bef bacon, KGB spicy sauce

  • Truffle’d Swiss

    Grilled patty, sautéed mushroom, swiss cheese, truffle infuse, herbed ranch

  • Tornado

    Grilled patty, onion rings, sunny-side egg, buffalo wing aioli

  • Bobcat Green Chili

    Flame-grilled patty, roasted green chili, provolone, jalapeño ranch

  • Sunshine Bella

    Sautéed mushroom, garlic ranch, sunny side egg

  • Desserts

    Salted Caramel Sliders

    Pair of lightly fried sweet brioche, vanilla ice-cream scoop drizzed with premium salted caramel

  • KGB Milkshakes

    Choice of:

    Nutella Smores
    Strawberry Season
    Salted Caramel Pralines


  • Restaurant


Lot 1, Newcom Building, No. 413, Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia