Knight Online

It is said that when the two blue moons appear flanked by the crimson sunset, the spirits of the dead soldiers arose from within the earth. These dead spirits were monsters that came from a world of treachery and endless wars. When the green fog of Minark forest finally clears away, that will be the day when the hidden door of secret will open

Knight Online Bursts on the Scene!

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! One of the greatest Massive Multiplayer Online RPGs from Korea has hit town and with its unique features and awesome, detailed graphics, Knight Online has had the nation’s gaming community buzzing with excitement.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, Knight Online isn’t like those other MMORPGs out there. It’s not just about leveling your character up, gathering and acquiring more rare items and becoming the most powerful player in the game. Knight Online is the first MMORPG in Korea to successfully incorporate the Party System where players can help their friends to advance their characters faster and easier.

But what’s really getting all those gamers raving is that Knight Online provides them an opportunity to take part in involving and persistent, large-scale wars within the game itself. Do your utmost best, and you may even be reaped with glorious riches. Indeed the rewards are glorious, for players can receive a title from the King, be rewarded with his own castle to lord over or even rule over a whole city.

Eye Popping Graphics

Add to that the eye-popping graphics of Knight Online, players are set to immerse themselves in a beautifully rendered world, with stunning scenery and diverse vistas. Set in a medieval, fantasy world, players get to choose from a plethora of jobs and characters and then get to pledge allegiance to one of two huge nations: El Morad, nation of the humans and Karus, nation of the Orc tribes. Gameplay is kept simple, yet engaging and the newbie player is never kept at a lost as to what to do due to the helpful tutorials abound in the game.

Special Experience in events

The player is also never kept bored as new content is always being added into the game. Players can take part in special events that take place in the world of Knight Online every so often. Taking part in these events allows the player to be rewarded with valuable experience and exclusive items not available otherwise.

Simply said, Knight Online is an amazing journey into the most beautiful and rich environs. The addictive gameplay and exciting battles and wars will keep players glued to their seats. This is one game you don’t want to be kept unawares of.


  • Fully 3D MMORPG
  • First successful Party System
  • Large scale wars
  • Two nations to choose from
• OS : Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP/8/10
• CPU : I3 300 or above
• Memory : 128 GB or above
• Hard Disk : Space 400MB or above
• Video Card : 16MB or above 3D Display Cards with DirectX support
• Additional : Software DirectX 8.1 or Above


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