Work off stress with a tour around Kenong Rimba Park

If you love nature, you would have visited or planned to visit national parks. You will come across jungle treks that are made for walking. Have you ever wanted to visit a jungle or a wildlife sanctuary which is still true to its roots? Do you want to see a place where you are close to nature and be close to the air that the wildlife breathes?

Enter the Kenong Rimba Park

Retreat into the unspoilt jungle of Kenong Rimba Park nestled amidst captivating green vegetation to appeal to nature lovers while promoting it as an agro and eco-tourism premier destination. Keep your eyes open to spot the abundant rare and exotic living plants and wildlife creatures in the 100 million years jungle undisturbed by the ice-age.

Large land of untapped tropical trees

Spread over 128 square kilometres of lush greenery tropical forest across Kenong Valley and Sungai Kenong, visitors are encouraged to be there early in order to explore the natural wilderness.

The sight of cascading waterfalls, Clearwater stream and sound of birds chirping will take your breath away. This is the perfect opportunity for all to enjoy and appreciate the highly invaluable gift given by Mother Nature. So just sit by the lake and relax to take your mind off whatever is bothering you.

Perfect to leave the city behind

For once, forget anything on the spot and lay your burdens off before you embark on a journey to the park. Besides spending the day exploring the vast park, here are some other activities recommended to experienced cavers and adventurous travelers – rock or mountain climbing, exploring mysterious limestone caves, bird watching, mountain biking, jungle trekking and camping.



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