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KDU University College is one of the most established private institutes of higher learning in Malaysia. It started as Kojel Damansara Utama (thereby the acronym) and has grown to become one of the most popular university colleges around today.

Background of KDU

KDU University College (UC) is fondly known in short as KDU. It started out in 1983 as KDU. The private university college recently opened its new campus (flagship) at the state-of-the-art Utropolis Glenmarie in Shah Alam. As one of the pioneers in Malaysia’s private education sector, KDU was actually one of the first private colleges than to have a campus on its own.

Coming a long way

Initially, KDU was a private college which means it offered various franchise programs in the tertiary levels. This includes certificates, diplomas, and degree. With the upgrade to a university college, KDU can start offering their own home-grown certificates, diplomas, degrees and master programs. It was formerly part of the larger Paramount Education group with businesses in all levels of education including primary, secondary, tertiary as well as postgraduate. KDU was recently acquired by the Australia’s University of Wollongong which saw some major changes in the structure of the organization. Among the schools affiliated with KDU are:

  • KDU College: also known as the Damansara Jaya Campus.
  • KDU Penang University College
  • KDU Management Development Centre
  • KDU Smart Schools

Significant milestones for KDU

When KDU started, it enrolled its first students in the GCE A-Level and American programs. This was external boards that were taught by the lecturers in KDU. It was a year later that KDU started bringing in external programs offered by the then Middlesex Polytechnic (now known as Middlesex University). Students would enroll in this twinning program where they spend some part of their education at the UK university. KDU would then open up a branch in Penang to offer private education options for students in the northern region.

In 2010, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia upgraded KDU College to University College status. This means that KDU can now offer homegrown undergraduate programs. With that in place, the original KDU College campus was kept to continue operating as its college premises while the university college moved to the new Utropolis campus which was completed in 2015. This would serve as the perfect platform for students to dwell within a commercial and educational hub. Meanwhile, the KDU Penang campus would be planned to move to its new location in Batu Kawan soon after.

What is KDU known for?

As a university college, KDU has the most qualified and experienced lecturers and academics in their related fields. This includes those with relevant qualifications from Masters to Ph.D. as part of their compliance with the MQA requirements. For the longest time, KDU University College has been known for its business courses while their mass communication degrees are also very much sought after.
The schools in KDU University College offer a full range of programs under them which are as follow:

KDU School of Business

This is among the largest schools in KDU University College. Students here take majors in areas such as Business Administration, Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, and others. The courses offered at the School of Business include:

  • Diploma in Business Administration.
  • Diploma in Accounting.
  • Bachelor of Accounting (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Business (Hons) with Law.
  • Bachelor of Business (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Hons).
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Business)

School of Communication & Creative Arts

One of the most popular schools in KDU University College, this is where students study in areas like mass communication, entertainment arts, and creative arts, among others. Courses offered in these schools include:

  • Diploma in Communication and Media.
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design.
  • Diploma in Entertainment Arts.
  • Bachelor of Communications (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Communications (Hons) in Media Production.
  • Master of Design (Innovation).
  • Master of Arts (Communication Management).

School of Computing & Creative Media

The School of Computing & Creative Media is one of the fastest growing schools in KDU University College. Over the years, it has grown from offering IT course to games design and multimedia and is now one of the top schools in the country in this sector. This includes courses specializing in computing, information systems, games development, and creative media, to name a few.

  • Diploma in Computer Studies.
  • Diploma in Sequential Art.
  • Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons).
  • Bachelor in Game Development (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) (Enterprise Information Systems).
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Digital Media Production.

School of Engineering

This school offers courses majoring in some of the most significant areas of Engineering such as Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Courses that are offered in this school include:

  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Bachelor in Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Bachelor in Engineering (Hons) in Electrical.
  • Bachelor in Engineering (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Engineering.

School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts

Perhaps one of the most popular tertiary courses around, the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts offers undergraduate courses specializing in the culinary arts, hotel management and tourism which include internship and practical training at the campus’ in-house cafes and restaurants. Undergraduate programs under this school include:

  • Diploma in Culinary Arts.
  • Diploma in International Hospitality Management.
  • Bachelor of Culinary Management (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Entrepreneurship (Hons).
  • Master of Business Administration in Tourism Management

Other courses and programs

Besides those listed under the schools, KDU also offers other programs under its organization including:

  • Cambridge GCE A Levels.
  • Foundation Studies (Art & Technology, Arts, Engineering).
  • American Degree Transfer Program.
  • ACCA & CAT.
  • Certificate in Intensive English.
  • Master of Science (By Research).
  • Master of Arts (By Research).
  • Master of Design (Innovation).
  • Master of Arts (Communication Management).


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