The Seal of Specter Has Been Broken (The darkness swallows the light, and the light swallows the darkness…)

Bongshindae – a place where frightening light sharper than the blade cuts through the darkness to suppress the spirit of spectres. Another historic chaos has started to awaken in the place many call the shade of the Heaven. The hermits who succeeded in suppressing all spectres in the First Sealing Project had constructed their own history amongst themselves. However, they failed in overcoming the confrontation and dissension as human beings, tracing the history of repeated peace and chaos…

The history of chaos weakened the suppression power of the seal hence the celestial world has come to encounter the darkness.


  • Fantastic Character Animation
  • A Unique 3D World Where Field and Dungeon Coexists
  • Real Time Random Quest System And Event Battle System
  • Large-scale Battle System of Diverse Formation Breaking with Guardians
  • Maximised Distinctive Features – Multi-Character Development System
  • Diverse Item Options and Skill System
  • Various Economic Systems
  • Strengthened Co-operative Game Play
• Browser : Internet Explorer 12.5 or above
• CPU : I3 766Mhz or Above
• 16GB Video Card & Sound Card
• Browser : Internet Explorer 15.5 or above
• CPU : I7 1GMhz or Above
• 64GB Video Card & Sound Card


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