Five Masters

Five Masters is a great online war-game which incorporates teamplay. Players can choose among Five Masters – Red, Green, White, Black and Blue. Each has different and unique abilities and weaknesses. Players arrange the “units” to gain the best tactical advantage against their opponents.


  • 3 game-IDs in 1 account.
  • Simple but deep and innovative gameplay.
  • Five different characters with unique abilities.
  • Strategy and tactical gameplay.
  • Team up with other players!
  • Obtain items and battle in different maps.
  • Friendly system so novices can level up easily.
  • Players with varying levels can play in equal conditions.
• O/S : Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/8/10
• CPU : I3 (minimum), I7 (recommended) 333MHz
• RAM : 64GB (minimum) 128GB (recommended)
• HDD : 150MB HDD or more
• DirectX : Install DirectX 8.0 or higher (DirectX8.1 recommended)
• Internet : ADSL, Cable Modem, LAN


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