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The DreamVille Theme Park is an online socialising multiplayer game. We’ve all chatted in instant messengers, games, and forums but we feel that it’s getting old so we’ve decided to do something about it. We made a game, took out all the violence and action, made it really cute, and ended up with a wonderful new world where everyone can build their own homes and have virtual neighbourhoods!

The DreamVille Theme Park has many items for everyone to buy or try out. Just as you would buy a plot of land to build your dream home, you need to buy one in DreamVille too. We figured that since your avatars don’t work and have no money, we should give you some Game Money to build your very first home in DreamVille. Wish real governments would do that!

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Logging in to DreamVille for the first time, you’ll find yourself at the Real Estate Agency where you can purchase your first home. Everyone starts off with a small sum of Game Money (GM), which will be enough to purchase a home with the Real Estate Agency.

Words cannot describe the marvel that is the DreamVille Theme Park, so we’ve decided to give you an off-line tour of the Dreamville Theme Park with Pikz, our tour guide.

Hello everyone, I’m Pikz and I’ve just moved in to DreamVille. Come along with me as I start a new life with other DreamVille citizens in the DreamVille Theme Park!

A new Home

Here I am at the Real Estate having a hard time selecting the design of my dream home and lawn.

Jenny the Real Estate Agent was really helpful and it’s really nice to have a good selection but some choices in life are just so tough even for an avatar.

Wow! A house costs 30000 GM but we’re lucky that DreamVille has donated 35000 GM to each of us so we can buy a house and some land. Now I’m left with 5000 GM, which makes me feel so broke.

Oh, I love my new home! Makes me feel like dancing! Perhaps I should invite some friends over for a house warming party.

Ack! My house is so empty. How am I supposed to invite people over when there’s nowhere to sit and no TV to watch? To make things worse, my clothes don’t look good enough and I don’t even have any shoes on! I think it’s time I went shopping for clothes and furniture at the Goos Mart.

Shopping for Clothes and Furniture

Bi Joo the sales attendant cheerfully greets me at the entrance. She tells me that all their clothes and accessories are of the finest quality and that I can find furniture at the second floor of Goos Mart.

Look at all the beautiful clothes, I want to buy them all! I can’t afford all of them so I guess I’ll just buy one and try out the rest. Bi Joo apologises for the lack of clothes for it seems that they only opened recently and the new clothes have not reached the mart just yet. It will be up for sale soon so I’d better come back soon.

Enough about clothes, on to the furniture and other neat things for my new home!

Up on the second floor, Gi Han the manager shows me their wide selection of home appliances and furniture. It’s all about choices isn’t it! So much to buy and so little money to buy with!
Looks like I will need to get more e-Games Points to buy enough furniture.

Decorating Your Room

What a long day at Goos Mart, I never knew that moving into a new neighbourhood would take so much time! At long last, I have some decent clothes and a little furniture. Time to raid the fridge for food! There’s so much space to fill in the house and my driveway. I’ll have to buy things slowly as I get more money.

Meeting People

It gets boring at home. Let’s go to DreamVille Square to see what everyone else is doing. Loafing around at home will only make me fat! Maybe I’ll meet some really cute guys or get a new girl friend!

Wow! There are so many people at the DreamVille Square. This is really the best neighbourhood ever! I met another citizen by the name Omenix who later invited me to his home. He has such a nice room but maybe it’s because he has just about everything! Some people just have all the luck.

Today has been a very busy day for me. I’ll have to end our tour of DreamVille for now, which will give you time to build your own home too.


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