Dragonfly Kindy – Kindergarten Malaysia

Push the potential

Children at Dragonfly Kindy gets to enjoy the process of learning. This is, after all, the mantra for kids and that is what every child should have as they grow up. Dragonfly Kindy is the place the pushes and discovers the potential of every child to be the best. Classes here are designed to give children the platform to learn in the best possible way, by engaging them through the use of learning tools and aids.

Enriching Lives

Students here at Dragonfly Kindy get to develop their skills in various areas that cultivate and encourage learning. This is where they will be able to get involved in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity while growing their inquisitive minds. Parents like a safe and happy environment within Dragonfly Kindy. Teachers are trained to be professional and caring who are all involved and qualified in the Montessori and Thematic approaches to the kids’ learning.



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