d.O. Online 3D Game

Though many honour the world of martial arts, no one seems to know when or how it was created; no one knows how the people came to be. In any case, martial arts has unwittingly become an inseparable part of our daily lives, no matter who you are.

Though now much less attention has been bestowed upon this time-honoured art, it is still kept alive by the spirit of many enthusiasts. Many have written accounts and stories in novels detailing the world of martial arts, and these have inspired countless movies and dramas. The world of martial arts has been told through many various forms of media, and it is usually portrayed most realistically.

Thus, e-Games proudly presents d.o. Online, a full 3D online world, in very much the same spirit. When reading a martial arts novel, a reader usually stretches the imagination in his or her own way, where he or she becomes a hero or heroine, fighting enemies who are threatening the peaceful world for his or her guild, overcoming crises to obtain gifts from the gods, and finally becoming the leader of the world.

d.o Online will help you, the player, relive this martial arts dream in only the way a 3D multiplayer online game can.


  • FULL 3D of Ancient Chinese Martial Arts MMORPG
  • Tremendous Scale Wars between Alignments and Brotherhoods Feuds with Variety of Specialized Siege Weapons.
  • Magnificent Ancient Chinese Martial Arts with Splendid Dynamic Action.
  • Martial Arts Development System.
  • Reputation System, PK & PVP Encouragement.
  • Novel Quest System.
  • Single and Strategic Community Game Play.


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