Chendor Cherating Homestay

One of the best ways to see and experience Cherating beach is to engage the locals and to be part of the local community here instead of the usual touristy ways. This is because while Cherating is known for its white sandy beaches and pristine blue seas, the locals here are very friendly where you will be able to enjoy their local food and delicacies and their daily activities. This would allow you to participate in one of the most unique and truly rewarding travelling experience where you will be able to go out to the waters while basking in the sun with the local people.

The Chendor Cherating Homestay provides you with one of the most ideal accommodation choices where you will be able to stay in a Semi-Detached home in Taman Cendor Makmur, not far from the beach. The Chendor Cherating Homestay offers you a 3 bedroom and 2 baths house where the master bedroom is air-conditioned. Apart from that, there are also a other amenities in the Chendor Cherating Homestay where you will be accorded with a rice cooker and other cooking facilities, refrigerator, dining set as well as television in the living room. Rates start from RM250 per night and further discounts are available for longer duration.



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