Casa Persona Homestay Taiping

The Casa Persona Homestay Taiping is one of the many homestay choices for those who are looking for an affordable, convenient and comfortable palce to stay in. Located not far from the town centre of Taiping, the Case Persona Homestay is an ideal and unique place where you will be able to enjoy the basic amenities surrounding it. This is where you will be able to find major places of interest that include food, commercial areas, clinic as well as the town centre where you will be able to visit the Night Safari at the Taiping Zoo as well as the very popular Lake gardens.

At Casa Persona Homestay Taiping, you will be able to enjoy 3 rooms of which 2 are air-conditioned, kitchen and cooking facilities as well as filtered RxWater. There are 2 bathrooms in the Casa Persona Homestay where one comes with hot shower equipment. Apart from that there is a large dining room which is fitted with an 8 person dining table and other facilities as well. Rates here start from RM190 for the first night while if you take a second night, it would be RM10 less. Weekends and public holidays are at RM200 per night.


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