Bukit Jalil National Stadium

The largest stadium in Southeast Asia

Home to the Malaysian football team (Harimau Malaysia), the Bukit Jalil National Stadium is an icon and an international sporting arena on its own. Located in the National Sports Complex in Bukti Jalil, the stadium was built when Malaysia hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Since then, it has continued to flourish as one of the most recognized sporting location in the world.

Top events from across the world

What makes the Bukit Jalil National Stadium so significant is that it is the eighth largest stadium in the world which can seat around 87,000 people at full capacity. It is often said that when an event comes to Bukti Jalil, the roads surrounding it will be congested. Besides being a football and sports ground, it is also a popular place for concerts. Among the top acts that have previously performed here include Sammi Cheng, Jacky Cheung, David Tao, Kelly Clarkson, Wang Lee Hom, Usher, Linkin Park, Paramore and Ed Sheeran.
Meanwhile, it is considered as one of the most intimidating grounds for visiting football teams when they come and play against the home teams. This is the place where the Malaysia Cup Finals are held as well as the AFAC Asian Cup, and AFF Championship. International teams who have come and played here include Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool FC.



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