Battle Position

Many 2D action combat games in the game market today are based on turn-based battles. Turn-based battles are when you have to wait for each players’ turn to employ their strategies to defeat their opponents. However, players who do not have enough patience to wait will find these games rather tiresome. So, we’ve decided to come up with something different to whet your appetite for fast combat games. We bring to you… Battle Position, an online action game focused on Player vs. Player combat. But in real-time. This means no more waiting for your slow-coach opponents to launch their attacks on you. The clock will keep ticking as you engage in quick battles for victory. Battle Position is designed with arcade-style games in mind, bringing back nostalgia from the Nintendo era. For players who yearn for the yesteryears of arcade action can now experience its glory with players from all around the world, online!


Real-time action – There will never be a dull moment of waiting while you’re in a battle!

Engage in real-time combat with players from all around the world!

Experience various tactical battles with different combat strategies, high-angled guns, elastic grenades and mighty tanks!

Team play mode – Outcome of battles are determined by the level of team cooperation and interactivity between members.

Utilise the map while playing – the topography of the map can be changed with explosions; use the map to your own advantage!


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