Axiata Arena

World-Class Venue

The Axiata Arena is perhaps one of the most popular venues for events in Malaysia. It was first known as the Putra Indoor Stadium or Stadium Putra before being changed to Axiata Arena as part of its sponsorship program. The indoor arena is located in Bukti Jalil at the National Sports Complex. The arena is the largest in the country in terms of seating capacity in an indoor venue. It is able to accommodate up to 16,000 people.

Home to top acts

As a venue, the Axiata Arean has hosted some of the most renowned acts from both local and international scenes. It is actually a multi-purpose venue that can house sporting events as well as for concerts. This includes hosting games such as badminton, basketball, gymnastics and such. The venue was renamed Axiata Arena in 2017 and has gone with this name ever since. It was the home of gymnastics during the 1998 Commonwealth Games as well as the 2000 Thomas & Uber Cup Finals. Besides that, it hosted the WWE Smackdown event. Top acts that have had their shows here include Westlife, Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz and Shawn Mendez.



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