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Importance of Antivirus Program

Connecting to networks plays a crucial role in the market today. Whether you are a home user or a business, you will need to connect to a network somehow. This could be over the internet or those that go through a proxy of your company’s server and connecting you to the World Wide Web.

However, being connected means that you will be opening up a certain portion of your network to the general public. This could be your email accounts or more popularly through your social networks. This means that as long as you are logged on to the internet, all it need is some genius hacker at work and your network is infiltrated.
Therefore, it is most common that you will find that there are all types of programs out there to help you fight off these threats. In fact, there are countless antivirus software out there that tells you that they are the best and can curb any problem with break-ins, threats, viruses and such.
Regardless of whether you know it, antiviruses have become an important part of businesses today. A lot of theorists and industry analysts believe that antivirus software are redundant because viruses are being designed and created than faster than the antivirus can create their definition files. This means that instead of being precautionary, it has become more remedial.

However, this does not mean that you do not need the antivirus software. No matter how slow they are in curbing future threats, these applications are able to protect your computers from threats and viruses that came previously. The question is, with so many antivirus choices available in the market, which one would best suit your environment.
All antivirus software today comes with either 1 or multiple licenses which require you to pay according to the number of users. They will most likely cost you between RM90 to RM150 per user which could be quite costly if you are operating in an environment with a lot of users. For your business, it would be most ideal to find antivirus software that has been tested and proven to be effective, value-for-money and comes with a reputable technical support.
Instead of buying your antivirus software from common retail and computer stores, you should engage a partner that can service you based on what you need to ensure that you are actually paying only for products that you need.

We have a software partner whom you can buy from.

Product List

Eset Mobile security
Eset antivirus uses less system memory
Bitdefender Antivirus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security
Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360
Macafee Antivirus, Macafee Total Security
AVG Antitirus, AVG Internet Security
Panda Antivirus
Trend Micro Antivirus

Windows License

From WIndows 7 to WIndows 8 Pro

For home and professional version. Home or commercial use.

Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 License

Office Professional plus 2013
Office Professional 2010
Office MAC Home & Office

All prices ranges from 1 year to 3 years
From 1 user to 4 users
All licenses can be used for home.
30 days money back guarantee
We sell Microsoft Windows and Antivirus product Licenses renewal as well

Please call 012-6725888 for best prices.


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