Long beautiful hair that you can have but without the fuss

Long beautiful hair

Models will always be models and when we look at those shampoo commercials it is just an endless array of girls with beautiful long hair that can swirl and twirl effortlessly. For many of us even having short hair is a problem much less having to manage long hair and let’s face it some people are just not blessed with strong and healthy looking hair. When we do fall into the trap of buying those seemingly magical shampoos it seems that our hair just stays the same and hopes that it does not take a turn for the worse. 

So if you do want that long beautiful hair but simply just hate to take care of it, you can opt to have hair extensions. It is a safe way for people to have long hair and it is of course a faster way to get it too. It is much easier to manage as you can decide on the length that you want it, how long you want to keep it and so on. It is basically a versatile way of having a different hair styles that will suit the occasion that you are attending to. And for those that have the short boyish hair cut style, hair extensions are also a great way to have a change in your style.

Even the celebrities are getting into the trend of having hair extensions, you see that they have short hair on one occasion and immediately after the next they have long hair. It is of course not a sudden growth spurt of hair that they have going on or some kind of magic lotion that they rub on their head. The celebrities cannot wait to grow their hair if they are sporting a short hair style because of the tight schedule they have to adhere to. So they have their hairstylists to do hair extensions. While we are not celebrities but sometimes waiting for the hair to grow long just takes a lot of time and not to mention the fact that it needs more maintaining as compared to the short hair styles. This is because if you do not keep your hair in a healthy condition then there is no use of keeping the hair long as it will look untidy and dull. In contrast to the natural long hair having hair extensions and keeping it is a simple matter. Just pop into your local hair salon and in just a few hours you will have long luscious hair. Hair extensions are becoming more popular as the clients want to add volume to their already pre-existing hair or the want more sophistication, versatility or even sexiness.

Human hair extensions are a more preferred choice nowadays; this is because human hair extensions are considered to be more natural looking and is more durable as compared to the synthetic type of hair extensions which actually has a completely different type of texture. As stated previously human hair extension is becoming more popular, so if you are seriously considering having it then you should also be prepared to pay more for it. However for the price that you are paying you can consider it as an investment on your overall style and if it is applied properly the hair extension will last you about six months. Despite not having the same quality as the human hair extension, the synthetic hair extension is still popular as popular due to its cheap price if compared to the human hair extension. If you are on a tight budget but want that gorgeous long hair this is a better choice, it may not have the same texture as the human hair extension but in terms of quality it is still acceptable.

For the first timers, you may be wondering how the hair extensions are actually applied to your natural hair. For what ever reason you may have the one thing that you need to stay away from is the glued-in hair type of extensions. But for the usual cases the hair extensions are actually placed on the small part of the hair and it has a keratin anchor between the hair extension and your hair which will be attached to 3-6 hair strands through the application of heat. Through all these procedures you will find that this will secure your hair with that of the hair extension. There is also another option to apply the hair extension which is to braid you into anchors by turning them into slender flat cornrows. And then by sewing the braid with the section of the hair together at the extension base which is known as the weft, the sections of the hair extensions would then be secured to each of the cornrow. As compare to the previous method, this is a classic method of applying hair extensions and it is considered a popular method because when it is applied properly this type of application will almost no from of hair damage with the extensions are removed or tightening as the hair grows and also promotes growth of the natural hair.

Consider the type of application technique that you want especially if you are worried about spending all day at the hair saloon. If you are in a hurry you can always opt for the glued hair or bonded extension as they are relatively quick to apply as they will take no longer than 4 hours to complete. The application time for your hair extensions will be determined by the level of expertise and the amount of extensions, so choose wisely which type you want to choose. When the hair extensions are applied properly you can be for sure that the extensions will blend beautifully with your natural hair. So after you have had the hair extensions make sure you take good care of it or all that money and time spent at the hair saloon will all just be a waste.



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