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October 15, 2014

Modern Sporting Activities in the Klang Valley

Playing sports can be very fulfilling and enjoyable especially when you are good at them. You m...
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April 20, 2013

Biography – Lin Dan

Lin Dan born October 14, 1983 of Hakka ancestry is dubbed as the greatest player of all time. H...
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April 20, 2013

Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM)

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is associated with the Badminton World Federation (...
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July 20, 2012

Rules of Badminton

In 2006, International Badminton Federation (IBF) introduced a new scoring format in which 21 p...
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June 5, 2012

TT Sports Paintball Park

Recognized as the largest paintball park in the country by Malaysia’s Book of Records, TT...
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June 20, 2011

Biography – Lee Wan Wah

Lee Wan Wah from Ipoh, Perak is a professional badminton player representing the country in men...
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May 20, 2011

Biography – Choong Tan Fook

Choong Tan Fook born February 6, 1976 from Perak is a professional Malaysian badminton player. ...
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April 22, 2011

History of Badminton

Badminton that requires high fitness levels from its players is a racquet sport with at least t...
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April 20, 2011

Biography – Koo Kien Keat

Koo Kien Keat born September 18, 1985 is a professional badminton player hailed from Ipoh, Pera...
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April 20, 2011

Biography – Taufik Hidayat

Taufik Hidayat, a professional badminton player from Bandung, Indonesia was once the world cham...
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