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What do the stars in hotel ratings mean?

malaysia 5 star hotel

When going on your vacation, you hear about staying in a 5-star hotel or 3-star place. So what do those stars actually mean? Generally, hotels are rated between 1 to 5 stars where anything below that no longer fall under the category of a hotel and anything above that is a lot luxurious. Learn more… Read more »

Top 6 Ways to survive a crisis in a relationship

malaysia couple crisis

In a relationship, there are many issues that need to be resolved together. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is when there is a crisis. This can be situations like a death in the family, financial problems and even those that test the strength of the relationship like infidelity and such. When faced with such… Read more »

Top 8 Romantic Restaurants

malaysia marini 57

There comes a time when you will be planning for a romantic dinner with your other half. It could be a birthday, an anniversary or even if you are planning to propose. Otherwise, it could just be a normal dinner where you have ‘other’ plans later as you want to impress your date. So if… Read more »

Top 10 Theme Parks in Malaysia

malaysia legoland

Malaysia has been known for its world-class theme parks of late especially in light of the opening of Legoland in Johor. While these theme parks have been known to invite tourists from around the world, they are a joy for the locals as well. Hence, if you are planning some programmes for your kid’s holidays,… Read more »

Your guide to the upcoming superhero movies

Everyone is talking about the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the out-of-this-world CG effects. The hype has yet to go down and before long, you will be asking for more. So here’s a brief guide on what to expect in the coming months (at least until the summer is over). X-Men: Days of Future Past –… Read more »

The 8 Facial Skin Tips

You might not have heard of this before but there are certain facial skin care tips that you might be surprised and it does not require a lot of money. Below are the top 8 ones we discovered. Not everything expensive works Take note of certain types of cream which people deemed ‘useless’. They are… Read more »

Top 8 Skincare Tips

When it comes to the skin, the smoother it is, the healthier it looks. In fact, it is one of the biggest obsessions among women to have radiating and bright-looking skin from head to toe. So how do we keep our skin looking young and vibrant without having to spend thousands on products which we… Read more »

Biography – Lin Dan


Lin Dan born October 14, 1983 of Hakka ancestry is dubbed as the greatest player of all time. Hailed from Longyan, Fujian, this professional badminton player is also known as ‘Super Dan’ among his die hard fans.  He has won many international titles throughout his career and also made it into badminton history for he… Read more »

Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM)

Badminton Association of Malaysia

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is associated with the Badminton World Federation (BWF) as well as Badminton Asia Confederation (BAC). Supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, BAM is an official sport’s governing body in the country.  Since the Asian countries dominate badminton scene namely Malaysia, Indonesia and China, BAM aims to reach… Read more »