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Top shopping malls in Klang Valley

In recent years, Malaysia has been growing fast and rapidly as a shopping haven for the world. With the annual Malaysia Mega Sale coming around, people from across the world are aware of what Malaysia has to offer when it comes to shopping. Top shopping malls in region With such a booming industry, shopping malls… Read more »

Top celebrity and rich families

Malaysia is a land of many opportunities. Some of the names like Mahathir and Lee Chong Wei have been hugely successful not only in the country but throughout the world as well. Stories of the rich and famous The rich and famous in Malaysia are not confined only in entertainment but mostly who made their… Read more »

Top Family karaoke in Malaysia

Karaoke is one type of entertainment option which can be very rewarding for every member of the family. If you are planning something for the holidays but might not be looking to visit any of the top travel destinations, then a karaoke session for the family would be very nice. Where to go and what… Read more »

Top Family-Friendly Trips In Malaysia

The school holidays are when you plan family trips and most would want to do so at your own pace. Nature, theme parks, mountains and more The good thing about Malaysia is that there are a lot of places around Malaysia that you can go that has something for everyone in the family. We list… Read more »

Best family road trips in Malaysia

Are you planning a family outing but has no idea where to go? Do you want to enjoy the best of Malaysia with your family members at your own pace? Check out the best family road trips below. Around Peninsular Malaysia In Peninsular (West) Malaysia alone, you can enjoy some of the most scenic landscapes… Read more »

Interpreting your Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index

The Body Mass Index, known in short as BMI is perhaps the most talked-about word in the area of health and fitness. Known in some quarters as the Quetelet index, it is used to identify if a person is obese and how far along are you. Quantifying the amount of tissue mass What the BMI… Read more »

15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Keep In Mind

15 Fashion Hacks

1. Sweat Stains Sweat stains on your clothes can be embarrassing, and annoying. You can use panty liners to stop this from happening. 2. Deodorant Stains You pick out an outfit, get ready for the day, and look really cute. That is when you look down and notice the deodorant stains on your shirt. Ugh…. Read more »

How much sex is bad for you?

malaysia too much sex

  When it comes to sex, it does not mean that more is good. Despite the easy accessibility of information regarding sex and such, this topic continues to be quite a taboo for most people, especially in Asian countries like Malaysia. But it remains as one which must be discussed at some point. So, how… Read more »