Malaysian Lifestyle Guide in Malaysia

Do you know what is currently trending in your city? Are you living under the limelight all the time or under the cave?
Be the trendsetter in your city
Whether it is the high-flying life you want or hanging out in the top cafes of cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, experience the best of lifestyle. Indulge into the luxurious world of sports cars or be seen at socialite events like art exhibitions and antique auctions and be the first to know about them.

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Malaysian Lifestyle Guide

Manners you never knew really MATTERED!

Social etiquette has often been an issue especially if you are out and running networking in your job. At times, the issue of etiquette has

Malaysian Lifestyle Guide

Top tricks when you are in airports

Travelling can be a breeze if you are all prepared for the unprepared. You need to be ready and make early plans to not fall


Top Activities in Malaysia

Looking for a 360 degrees holiday destination? Choose Malaysia because this is where you will find a bit of everything. In fact, look no further,

Malaysian Men Portal

Top Jungle Resorts

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination mainly because of its multi-cultural background and traditions. Besides that, it is known for its lush vegetation and rainforests

Malaysian Lifestyle Guide

Top Museums in Malaysia

One of the ideal ways to see and understand Malaysia when you are visiting is by visiting the museums. These are buildings that house a

Malaysian Lifestyle Guide

Top Sports Activities

There are a wide range of places and locations you can go to if you are a sporty person. From gymnastics to soccer, performing arts

Malaysian Lifestyle Guide

Top Indoor Theme parks in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the most exciting places of interest as a tourist destination. Besides the islands and beach resorts, there are many places of

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