Simple make up tips with fantastic results

Simple make up tips

Nail Care If you have never tried this then you should. Studies have shown that tapping you nails on a hard surface on a daily basis promotes nail growth. To make sure that your nails look healthy and young you should moisturize the nails as well as the cuticles and to keep your nails clean […]

Simple beauty tips with results that will even surprise you

Simple beauty tips

Big changes are usually hard to adhere to, so when you are making those new years resolution try not to make the task seem extremely difficult to do or in fact impossible to carry out such as working out on a daily basis or losing that excess fat in a matter of weeks. These targets […]

Sexy legs in 3 simple easy to do steps

Sexy legs in 3 simple easy step

Sexy legs are just not exclusive to the cover models of the magazines you read; in fact any woman can have the sexy legs that they desire. However if you want to have them a little work is required on your part to keep them that way and maintain them. The models don’t have legs […]

Revealed! The secrets of celebrity make up artists

secrets of celebrity make up artists

No can deny the times that they have looked in the mirror wondering to themselves if they could ever achieve the beauty of the models that they see on the magazines or when the movie stars walk down the red carpet showing the flawless beauty that they possess. Now you can also achieve the looks […]

Making those lips irresistible

Making those lips irresistible

Who would not want to have nice lips, ever since Angelina Jolie pop on the silver screen everyone is obsessed with getting lips that are fuller and of course much sexier. However for most women out there as they grow older, unfortunately some things grow bigger while others shrink and it is never in the […]

Making moisturizing lotion at the comfort of your home

moisturizing lotion at home

Now you can have the luxury of pampering yourself at the comfort of your own home by making your own moisturizing lotions with the items that you can find in your kitchen. The following are two recipes that you can use to make a quick, simple yet effective lotion for your skin.

Is it possible to produce vitamin D from tanning beds?

produce vitamin D from tanning beds

A good dose of exposure to the sun is good for the well being of the human body as the body will then be able to produce vitamin D which is basically vital in the prevention of illnesses such as osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, stroke and believe it or not even depression. However, lesser and […]

How to treat acne with toothpaste

Treat acne with toothpaste

Let’s face it; we have some point in our lives have faced this problem before. The problem can be as severe as mild but what usually takes us by surprise is its sudden appearance when we are staring at the mirror in the morning. It will usually affect the way we operate throughout the day […]

How to take advantage of Vitamin E to get that natural looking beauty

Advantage of Vitamin E

Many of the skin care products out there can only do so much; most of them can penetrate into the living cells beneath the superficial layers of the skin. This means that whatever you are applying onto your skin can only absorb so much. However vitamin E is a very popular product that if found […]

How to look younger in a matter of minutes

Look younger

If you want to achieve that youthful and healthier wrinkle free skin in a matter of mere minutes then you should try these simple steps that will be provided in the following. They are not just safe and painless but these easy to do techniques are also practiced by the world’s top professional make up […]

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