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Making those lips irresistible

Making those lips irresistible

Who would not want to have nice lips, ever since Angelina Jolie pop on the silver screen everyone is obsessed with getting lips that are fuller and of course much sexier. However for most women out there as they grow older, unfortunately some things grow bigger while others shrink and it is never in the… Read more »

Making moisturizing lotion at the comfort of your home

moisturizing lotion at home

Now you can have the luxury of pampering yourself at the comfort of your own home by making your own moisturizing lotions with the items that you can find in your kitchen. The following are two recipes that you can use to make a quick, simple yet effective lotion for your skin.

How to treat acne with toothpaste

Treat acne with toothpaste

Let’s face it; we have some point in our lives have faced this problem before. The problem can be as severe as mild but what usually takes us by surprise is its sudden appearance when we are staring at the mirror in the morning. It will usually affect the way we operate throughout the day… Read more »

How to look younger in a matter of minutes

Look younger

If you want to achieve that youthful and healthier wrinkle free skin in a matter of mere minutes then you should try these simple steps that will be provided in the following. They are not just safe and painless but these easy to do techniques are also practiced by the world’s top professional make up… Read more »

How to achieve that beautiful looking skin

beautiful looking skin

Beautiful skin is more than just about having the perfect skin condition and despite having a face that looks clean it does not mean that you are doing the correct thing of maintaining it that way. Some may scoff at the mere thought of this idea and others just have the time to stick to… Read more »

Hair care myths that you thought were true

Hair care myths

Myths exist just about anywhere, whether we are talking about the myths if Greek and Norse goods to even more urban myths. They exist practically just about anywhere, nothing is left out from the grasp of myths and this includes hair care. The objective of this article is to play myth busters so that some… Read more »