Datuk Sheila Majid – Jentayu Spa, Jerneh skincare

Datuk Sheila Majid Jentayu Spa Jerneh skincare

Datuk Sheila Majid is known for her beautiful voice where she had delivered some of Malaysia’s best hits like ‘Lagenda’ and ‘Sinaran’. Today, Sheila is known to be a successful entrepreneur where apart from being involved in the music industry, she owns a host of renowned Malaysian brands like Jentayu Spa, the Akarkarya Music Studio, […]

Winnie Loo – A Cut Above

Winnie Loo A Cut Above

Winnie Loo’s name and picture is always seen in the ‘A Cut Above’ hair saloons, one of Malaysia’s most well-known hair companies. She is a hair-dresser, an entrepreneur, a visionary and a truly Malaysian icon when it comes to hair styling and such. Winnie’s passion in hairdressing started off when she was very young where […]

Datin Professor Dr Clara L Chee – Clara International

Datin Professor Dr Clara L Chee Clara International

The name Clara International is synonymous with beauty for women in Malaysia. Clara International is one of the most renowned brands not only within Malaysia but also in the surrounding region and not many people know that it is a fully, Malaysian home-grown brand. The company was started by Prof. Dr. Clara L. Chee where […]

Helen Elizabeth Read – Ms Read/ DELIcious Cafe

Ms Read DELIcious Cafe

For anyone who loves shopping, the brand Ms Read gives the impression that it is a brand from overseas. In fact, the misconception is that Ms Read is a British brand but it is actually a Malaysian born brand because Ms Helen Elizabeth Read is the founder and owner of the Ms Read brand as […]

Women leaders would be better peacemakers than men

Women leaders

According to a recent book published by Steven Pinker, a Harvard University Psychologist entitled ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’, he concluded that the world would be much peaceful if women were in charge and that while violence against women were still very much present, it was gradually declining. This is because in today’s world, […]

Massage parlours for men – new scheme in loyalty cards

Massage parlours for men

Remember when you used to drink in the likes of Coffee Bean and Starbucks where they gave you a loyalty cards for you to collect stamps. It is like where for each coffee or tea you purchase, you will be accorded with 1 stamp and you have collected of filled-up the entire card (usually 12 […]

Problems in the family

Problems in the family

Everyone has a role to play in the family. Whether it is the father, the mother or the children and even the extended families like the grandparents and sibling’s families, each plays an important role that will affect one another. This is mainly because all the decisions in a family are usually made for a […]

LeSportsac Malaysia

LeSportsac Malaysia

LeSportsac is one of the major handbag brands in the world. While most handbag brands deliberate in their leather goods and related product lines, LeSportsac offers a different perspective to the fashion world. This is where they target the more chic and funky segment with products which are good quality as well as of a […]

Coach Malaysia

Coach Malaysia

Coach Inc is a brand name synonymous with bags. Basically it is a premium bags brand that comes from New York in USA. The brand is known as Coach in short offers a wide variety of products and accessories where its name is known to have one of the most sought after handbags while it […]

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vutton or LV in short is one of the most established brands in the world of luggage, women handbags and accessories. The logo and acronym is one of the most reputable brands in the world which have been made popular by celebrities and prominent figures around the world. LV is a division of the […]

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