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Are you addicted to sex?

Sex addiction

Recent headline makers like Tiger Woods, Ashely Cole and Russell Brand have one element in common, Sex Addiction. While some check themselves into rehabilitation for this problem, some keep them very well under wraps. Of course, there are some who gets consistent doses of sex who do not think they are addicted because they get… Read more »

Emotions and Love

Emotions and Love

We have included here in our categories a segment where you can find out more about your more softer side which deals mostly with love and emotions.

How to tell if your woman is faking it

woman is faking it

Okay, here’s the drill down. As men, we all know that our women tend to fake their orgasms for a few very valid reasons, the most important being that they do not want to hurt our feelings. And that is pretty valid considering that it makes us feel smaller than ever. And research showed that… Read more »