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Hair care myths that you thought were true

Hair care myths

Myths exist just about anywhere, whether we are talking about the myths if Greek and Norse goods to even more urban myths. They exist practically just about anywhere, nothing is left out from the grasp of myths and this includes hair care. The objective of this article is to play myth busters so that some… Read more »

Effective skin care tips for acne

skin care tips for acne

Keeping your skin in good condition is not just for beauty purposes but also for good health. This is even more important if your skin is prone to acne outbreaks, so it is essential for you to maintain the health of your skin as much as possible. In order for you to do so, you… Read more »

Do you know what skin type you are?

what skin type you are

It is vital that you know what skin type you are, as it will help you when you are shopping for facial care products. Choosing the wrong one will make the condition of your skin worse than before. Generally there are 5 types of skin; oily, problem, normal, combination, and dry skin.

Common myths of acne – debunked!

Common myths of acne debunked

It is important that we know what exactly acne is, there have been times that we have all been guilty of being fooled into believing the rumors and myths about acne, only to feel foolish when we finally find out that it was not true all along. As scientist continue to progress with their research… Read more »

Age defying beauty tips that all woman should know

Age defying beauty tips

With today’s medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries you now have the ability to look great no matter what age category you are in and defy the signs of aging. Here listed are several techniques to help you whether you are preventing the appearance of wrinkles, correcting the damages due to the years of exposure to… Read more »

Advice on how to treat those damaged hair

treat damaged hair

Have you ever watched those commercials where the girls are waving their hair as is it was cotton? And no matter what we do, we find it impossible to get the effects that we desire, so we are still stuck with the same dull and straw like hair that is not only unattractive but also… Read more »

Adult acne and ways of treating it

Adult acne

Once a teenager hits puberty they will some way experience some form of acne, it can range from mild cases to very severe ones. Most people think that once they get past the puberty stage their trouble with acne will be over; this however is unfortunately far from the case. In fact adults in their… Read more »