LeSportsac Malaysia

LeSportsac Malaysia

LeSportsac is one of the major handbag brands in the world. While most handbag brands deliberate in their leather goods and related product lines, LeSportsac offers a different perspective to the fashion world. This is where they target the more chic and funky segment with products which are good quality as well as of a prestigious brand. Generally, LeSportsac offers a wide range of luggage related products that cover handbags, travelling luggage and baggage for men and women as well as its related accessories.

The brand was born by Melvin and Sandy Schifter back in 1974 when it was basically involved with accessories for luggage. It was at this time that they came out with a range of bags which are of the fold-in-a-pouch ripstop parachute nylon material which was pretty much the main products that the brand sold up until the early 1990s when Tim Schifter took over the company. Tim will eventually become the person who would grow the brand into becoming one of the premier icons in the fashion industry which today is helmed by prominent figures around the world.

Accessory Network Group would buy the brand in 2005 before it was sold to Itochu Corp 6 year later. The brand’s strongest presence is in the United States which are sold through its own stores as well as in major department stores like Macy’s and such. It is also known across the world with stores operating in the likes of Europe, Australia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and most notably in Asia where they have stores in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and in Malaysia. The brand’s popularity has created a problem with illegal traders bringing in a wide range of imitation LeSportsac products and sold in major shopping malls and in around the street markets. The fact that a wide range of LeSportsac products are textile based and not leather based meant that it is easily copied and produced.


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